My Top Picks For The Holiday Season - 2017

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Merry Christmas Everyone! 

I hope your festive weekend is going on super good. I am utilizing the day resting at home doing some of my favourite things. I was about to snuggle in for the night and get all comfy when I remembered that this post was scheduled to go up take a look at my Top Picks for the Holiday Season this year! 

Top Picks For The Holiday Season

1) Cozy Socks

The chill is in the air, I anyway feel colder than the average person so I usually have socks on even at home :D 
And what better when they come co-ordinated to suit the festive vibes this time of the year! I always reach for this super warm cozy pair I picked up from Shimla (about 5 years ago..yeah!) especially during Christmas. 

Top Picks For The Holiday Season

2) Hot Chocolate

Now that you are tucked in the blanket with your warm socks on and a good book, you need that extra dose of warmth and a cup of hot cocoa is like getting wrapped in warm hugs. I am especially partial to the ones that come on sticks (that you have to stir in and melt) over the hot chocolate powders. L'inoui and Smoor make some great ones. 
The dark and extra dark ones from L'inoui and Mocha ones from Smoor are my favourites. 

Top Picks For The Holiday Season

3) Red Lipstick

I cannot imagine Christmas time without wearing a nice holiday red atleast a few times. This year I have reached out to MAC Ruby Woo for all outings, Chirtmas parties...even office parties. It is a color that suits all skin tones and brightens up your face immediately and is a perfect holiday red. 
The best part? You need not do a lot with your makeup once you swipe this baby on! :)

Top Picks For The Holiday Season

4) Wine

Now this is strictly for adults okay? So if you are underage, stick to the hot cocoa! 
A nice glass of wine is great to pull out over dinner once in a while in the holiday season. I am usually partial to white wine over red. I tried the Sula Dindori Reserve Viognier this time and it is pleasantly good! It has nice fruity flavours of lychee and peach which is quite delightful. 

Top Picks For The Holiday Season

5) Warm Throw
I nice soft knit to wrap myself (on the bed or on the sofa) in is always welcome... this + socks + cocoa and a book = cozy comfy heaven! 

6) Honorary Mentions
Plum cake and Christmas carols... of course the holiday season will not be complete without this. I gobble up a lot of plum cakes (love them!) and christmas carols start playing in my head from the end of November itself :D :D 

What are your usual picks for the Holiday Season? Let me know :)


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