Nykaa Haul (with first impressions)!

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Nykaa Haul 2017, Nykaa beauty Haul, Nykaa makeup Haul, huge Nykaa Haul

I usually don't have many haul posts to share with you guys. One of the main reasons is that I rarely buy many things at once. When I usually have a product in mind, I think over it a lot before purchasing it. So impulsive shopping these days is pretty rare. The last time I did that was probably a year ago and I did share the haul then (you can check it out here). The second reason was that I was on a makeup ban for quite a while. I felt I had enough and that I might as well use the stuff I had first. 
Naturally the list for trying out stuff was building and I eventually gave in and did a small haul from Nykaa. I haven't used these products enough to form a true opinion about them yet, but I will give you a brief first impressions. Let's see what I got! 

Nykaa Haul 2017, Nykaa beauty Haul, Nykaa makeup Haul, huge Nykaa Haul


1) Dear Packer Eye Patches

I had picked one from health and Glow recently and they turned out to be okayish. I had to try out some better ones to make up my mind about these. So I got 3 from Dear Packer. I must say this though, the eye patches are quite fun to use and feel quite relaxing. 

Nykaa Haul 2017, Nykaa beauty Haul, Nykaa makeup Haul, huge Nykaa Haul

2) Dear Packer Sheet Masks

Smriti and me love sheet masks and between us we have quite a many of them. We are quite fond of the ones from The Face Shop, but Nykaa launched the Dear Packer ones a while back and I was dying to try them out! I got all the basic variants except the Charcoal one (which was out of stock). I haven't used any yet, but will update you guys soon! Though, how cute is the packaging! Hands down the best packaging in the sheet mask category! You can easily find them on a 5+5 offer many times. 

Nykaa Haul 2017, Nykaa beauty Haul, Nykaa makeup Haul, huge Nykaa Haul

3) Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Body Cleanser

This was meant to be a Christmas gift for someone, but that someone did not like the fragrance much, so I am using it more instead :D This smells very woody and natural. Lathers up well with a loofah, cleanses well and does not leave the skin feeling dry or stretchy. It is also free of sulphates and parabens. 

4) Kama Ayurveda Neem Oil

Personally, I love Kama Ayurveda. I am sure you have noticed that by now. Their products have not disappointed me yet and many of them are my favourites - Rose water, Bringadi Hair Oil, Kumkumadi Face Scrub, Mridul Cleanser, Rose Jasmine Cleanser just to name a few. Smriti likes their Lavender water too. Obviously I had to try out more! 
The Neem Oil was on my list since half a year now. I have an oily scalp but it is super prone to itchiness, flakes and the occasional dandruff. Neem oil fights them all! You can also use this over your face and body. So far I have used this for a face massage once and as a hair oil once and it worked well both times. Look forward to an in depth review soon! It needs a seperate post.  


Nykaa Haul 2017, Nykaa beauty Haul, Nykaa makeup Haul, huge Nykaa Haul

1) NYX Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette

On my list for over a year easily (you have to give me some credit here...I resisted it for a very long time!) When I couldn't take it out of my mind, I finally gave in! And I don't regret it at all. Such lovely colors, gosh! It is supposed to be really close to the UD Naked Heat palette (at least that's what the comparison swatches show on Google). I have been reaching out for this one a lot. 

2) Faces Canada Nailpolish - Floral Dream

I saw the swatches online a while back and the color had my name written all over it! Funnily enough, I was wearing this one last week and when I put up my #30DaysOfLipstick on IG stories, the most asked question was "which polish do you have on?". It was this one guys :)

Nykaa Haul 2017, Nykaa beauty Haul, Nykaa makeup Haul, huge Nykaa Haul

3) MAC Ruby Woo

Again on my list for years now. I finally went to the nearby MAC store to get it and it was out of stock! I knew I had to get my hands on this (before my mind could push the thought back into the deep underground)..so I got it from Nykaa :D Christmas gift to myself this one :) :)
Such a lovely red! Such a lovely one! Ruby Woo you are finally mine! 

Nykaa Haul 2017, Nykaa beauty Haul, Nykaa makeup Haul, huge Nykaa Haul

4) Maybelline Master Strobing Cream

I got to try this one out courtesy Smriti when we went on our Rajasthan Trip a few months back. I have always been fond of liquid highlighters (Revlon Skinlights was an all time fave. My tube was too old and somehow I never repurchased a new one). For a while I resorted to Mary Lou-Manizer only. Smriti insisted I try out the Maybelline Strobing cream on our trip and I ended up borrowing it from her every day! Unfortunately we live in different cities, so I had to get my own tube finally. Smriti will be talking about this one soon, but just to give you a jist - it looks natural, is not sticky and blends in nicely. 

Nykaa Haul 2017, Nykaa beauty Haul, Nykaa makeup Haul, huge Nykaa Haul

5) Nykaa EyemSmokey Kajal 
6) Nykaa EyemBlack Kajal

I know getting 2 kajals at once is a bit overboard, but I love wearing kajal genereally everyday and get through them pretty quickly. I also use them as a base for smokey eyes many times. And I wanted to know the difference between the 2 variants. The Black kajal is a lovely dark intense black. The Smokey Kajal one has some grey-ish tones ? It isn't the deep rich black, if you know what I mean. Both are pigmented well and glide on easily and last long. 

Nykaa Haul 2017, Nykaa beauty Haul, Nykaa makeup Haul, huge Nykaa Haul

7) Nykaa Get Winged Liner

I love a good winged eye every once in a while and for a long time I was using the Maybelline Colossal Liner and Hypersharp liner (I do tend to like these pen kinds more). Hypersharp got over (or dried out finally). The Colossal one is going to get over any day now..so time to try something new. I got the Nykaa Get Winged Liner, which has in interesting slanted tip...supposed to make drawing wings easier. It is taking me some time to get used to the different tip though, and I think I prefer the pointed ones more. 

8) NYX 3-in-1 Brow Pencil

2017 was an eyebrow year for me. I never cared much about brows before, but this year saw me finally getting the whole faff about grooming them and filling them etc etc. So I tried a variety of brow products. My most favourite one would perhaps be the L'Oreal Genius Brow Kit, but it does take a bit to do the brows with that one, and I do not have time everyday. 
I also did a complete post dedicated to brows, so make sure you check out "The Lazy Girls Guide to Fabulous Brows"
I have the brow powder+ wax, a brow pencil and brow mascara seperately, but what if you can get them all in one single thing?! The Nyx 3 in 1 is exactly that. This will be so easy to use and carry arouond even! I hope it works well! 


Nykaa Haul 2017, Nykaa beauty Haul, Nykaa makeup Haul, huge Nykaa Haul

9) Nykaa Skingenius Foundation

I got this one..finally! Oh how much I have waited to try this. But then I do not wear a foundation at all, so how could I justify buying one? The only reason I got one and that too online is that I read really good reviews of it and Nykaa claimed a skin adapting technology, so even if I went a bit lighter or darker, it would still adapt and suit me. I got the shade Warm Sand, and it suits me just fine. I have worn the Skingenius foundation twice (told you I don't use foundations much) and it is lightweight, gives a semi dewy finish, has light-medium coverage and stays a decent amount of time. Also blends in nicely. I hope that I wear it more often coz it is quite good overall.

So that was my small-ish haul. Hope you liked it! :)


* Disclaimer - This is not a sponsored post. All products have been bought my own money and all thoughts are honest. 

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