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One of the first skincare products I was introduced to by my mother was rose water, and ever since the Fab India steam distilled rose water was the only toner / face mist in my stash. I still think it's one of the better budget rosewaters available in our market and will repurchase or recommend it without a thought.

However, Swati always raved about the Kama Ayurveda pure rosewater being so fragrant, so luxurious, that I gave in to the greed and ordered for myself the Lavender variant (to justify the new purchase, two different flowers means separate benefits right?)

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Handpicked from the wild in the Himalayas, this lavender water has unparalleled soothing properties that provides an instant boost to the skin and reduces stress. An excellent facial toner, it cools and refreshes in hot weather.
I like that it comes in a dark bottle to prevent any photo-degradation of the lavender water inside. The spray nozzle lets out a very fine mist, better than my old Fab India one, and thus helps the product disperse evenly over my face with just 2 spritzes.

As soon as I spray this my skin feels soothed. It's a welcome relief from the brutal Indian heat! If you're at home, I will recommend you keep this bottle in the fridge for added cooling. The mild lavender scent is a wonderful relaxing thing, although it doesn't smell quite like the original English Lavender I'm accustomed to. Still, the fragrance is not synthetic and really helps to uplift the entire experience.

As far as helping my skin stay calm, I feel that a spray of this clear light water followed by aloe gel must be given credit this summer. They are maintaining its balance and my skin looks healthy with minimal effort! The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender coupled with the rich cool hydration of aloe are a potent combination. Even as May draws to an end, I've tanned less and am definitely less sun burnt too.

This lavender water was actually a winter purchase for me and worked well even during the cold months. It helped calm down my dry skin and tackled any irritations like magic. Overall, I think this Lavender water is a brilliant addition to my stash, I've been loving it since the first use!

Price : 725 INR for 200ml ( available HERE )

I'm still going to go back to my trusted Fab India rose water because it's much more affordable. I use it in all my face packs, post shaving / waxing.
This pure Lavender Water is an indulgence and I use it very judiciously only on my face, so even after nearly 8 months of use more than 80% of the product is left! Totally value-for-money! When this bottle finally runs out, I'd like to try the Vetiver variant... It sounds intriguing :)


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