The Instax Mini 7s....and why we are addicted to it!

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A while back, we were invited by Fujifilm to witness the launch of their new Instax Mini7s and the Instax Mini8 Bundle Pack.

The event itself was a super fun one and we walked back home with the new Instax 7s to test and try. Shortly afterwards, exams came around and I wasn't able to give the camera a proper go. 
I finally took it out last month and have not been able to stop using it ever since! Here's why:

The small simple camera has a super fun cute look to it, I mean, just look at it in the picture above..How cute is it?! Almost like a toy!
It is super light, which makes it handy to travel with despite the big body. 
There are many models in the Instax family (refer to pic below) and I am quite tempted to pick a couple!

Why am I totally obssessed with the Mini 7s you ask? Simply because this little guy throws you back into instant nostalgia. 

Any kid from the 90s would know what I am talking about. The feeling of holding a picture in your hand. The introduction of camera phones literally took that feeling away from us. I did not even remember the last time I got photos developed. The end result? While we do click photos, almost everday, we lose most of them over the years, since we just have a soft copy. 

The Mini 7S has a 60mm lens and a fixed shutter speed of 1/60s.  The film is rated at ISO800 and the camera works quite well for both indoor and outdoor situations. There is a dial on top, which let's you choose your environment condition (indoor, cloudy, sun, bright sunny). A thing to be kept in mind though is that the flash will fire no matter where or what. (I have been trying techniques to tweak around that a bit though)
Compared to the Mini 8 which needed 2 batteries, this model requires 4 batteries, which is a downside. The film size is almost like a standard business card. 

The films come in a packs of 10, though I must say that they are quite expensive. I wish they were priced a bit better, seeing that the camera itself is priced so well. 

All the Instax cameras are a blast to use! Hearing the shutter button click, the film come out of the slot and seeing it develop in front of your eyes is such a joyful experience (which I do not think I can describe, you need to experience it yourself!)

With the Instax, the fun part is accepting the photo as it comes. Yes, you do not get that "perfect shot" and I do not think you will waste 10 films trying to get it :D 
You however get to preserve a memory just the way it was. You get the photo in your hands, in that every about instant gratification! 
Not to mention the super cool factor of bringing it to social gatherings and being able to hand out photos on the spot.

The Instax is not a perfect camera designed to give you professional perfect photos, but it is super fun to use and doesn't that matter at the end of the day? :)

Have you used a polaroid camera before? Is it something you would be willing to try? Let us know in the comments below!

P.S. Do you want a post about how I like using the Instax? The different tips and's and don'ts ?


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