The Lazy Girl's Guide to Fabulous Brows!

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Back in my teenage days, when women were threading their eyebrows as thin as death, my mother never let me thread them at all. On top of that I used to apply castor oil on them every now and then. End result? I had thick dark brows. And while I desperately wanted them to be threaded and shaped like everyone else was doing, I am so thankful that I was not allowed to!! 

Bold natural brows are back in trend and how! And they are here to stay.
There is nothing better than a woman with thick full eyebrows, so girls, keep those tweezers down! 

Today, I am talking about the basics you would need to make your eyebrow look on fleek! Read on!

Guide to Fabulous Brows, Eyebrow grooming, Natural full brows

Eyebrows are such an important part of your look, and yet we tend to neglect them so very often. A good full looking brow really completes your face and brings the whole look together. Not to mention that full brows also make you look a lot younger!

But when it comes to grooming the brows, I cannot afford to spend 5 minutes on them! I really appreciate the women who can, but I am not one of them. I give them 30 seconds each :D 

So, here are my favourite products that work fabulously and give you full natural looking bows in a jiffy! 

Guide to Fabulous Brows, Eyebrow grooming, Natural full brows

1. Brow Mascara 

This one is a recent find and I always kick myself for not finding it earlier! Simply put, it is a tinted mascara on a smaller brush (that work well on the eyebrow). You brush through your brows with a spooly/small comb to put the hair in place and then run the brow mascara over it. 
The bristles groom the brows and also provide a slight tint to them. It also keeps the hair in palce throughout the day.
Brow mascaras provide a very natural look, provided you get the correct color. And it takes 10 seconds to use! This won't fill your sparse patches though. Go for this one if you want a polished look for everyday :)

It has become my go to brow product for day to day use! I use the NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in the shade Espresso. Essence also does them if you want a more affordable option. The Benefit Gimme Brows is also an iconic product and I have my eye on it next :)


2. Brow Pencil

I am pretty sure that this is the most popular one among all of us. Also you can find really affordable ones among all the brands that make eyebrow pencils. A pencil comes in handy to shape your brows, fill in the sparse hair patches and give you a defined fuller look. The important thing to keep in mind is to always use the pencil in short strokes, in the direction of your hair
Also, try and get hold of a pencil with a less creamy texture/harder texture and use a light hand for controlled application

Guide to Fabulous Brows, Eyebrow grooming, Natural full brows

The market is flooded with a lot of options - single pencils, dual ended ones with spooly tips or this Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper which has a powder and sponge on the other end. I actually use the sponge side a lot more. The powder fills in the brows well and gives a very soft natural finish. Full review here

3.  Brow Powder

Now, filling in the eyebrow with a powder gives the most natural look, but it also requires some more time compared to the other 2 above methods. But the end result is totally worth it! Trust me! 
If there is any event/speical occasion/if I am going for an evening out, I will spend a few more seconds and use a brow powder and a brow wax 

You need not buy a brow powder specifically. Any matte powder close to your natural brow color will work (matte brown/taupe eyeshadows). And you will need a small slanted brush as well. 
A lot of eyebrow kits are also available with different combinations - 2 powders (like this one from Freedom Makeup) or a powder and a wax (like the L'Oreal Genius Kit). 

Guide to Fabulous Brows, Eyebrow grooming, Natural full brows

I especially like the ones that have a wax + powder combo. Put your brow hair in place by using the wax first. Then use the same brush with the powder to fill in the sparse areas. Brush in place with the spooly end. All done!

The process of filling in and shaping your brows with a pencil/powder should be as follows : 

  • Start with brishing your brow hair in place.
  • Define your arch first and fill in in short horizontal strokes.
  • Then more to define the end and extend it a bit if needed.
  • The end near the bridge of your nose has hair growing in a vertical direction, so fill in using short vertical strokes. 
  • Brush and blend everything in with a spooly.
  • Follow it up with a clear brow gel if required. 

So, depending on the look I want to go for and the occasion, I use either one of these or a combination of them - 
1. Natural Everyday Groomed Brows - Tinted Brow Mascara
2. If you need to fill in sparse areas - Brow pencil/powder 
3. For bolder fuller brows - Brow wax + powder (sometimes you can also go over with the brow mascara for a more defined effect). 

And there you have it! Your guide to fabulous brows in minutes!! 


P.S There are brow pomades and crayons and gels available as well, but they will require more time than these (which I do not like spending). 

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