Summer Floral Watercolor Nailart

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Firstly, thank you for loving the previous floral nail art! And since some of you asked for another one, how could I possible ignore your requests? You know we love them so keep them coming and we will go thorugh with them..promise!

Anyway, here's another design for you :)

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Yes, this one isn't as easy as dotting the flowers. But it looks super dainty and beautiful..almost like a watercolor painting, don't you think so.

I am extremely sorry, I do not have the photos of the steps, as I was merely trying things out one evening and it turned out quite well in the end surprisingly. Which explains the lack of a base color here...told you I was just trying things out :D

But the basic idea is to use a thin paint brush, dilute your nailpolish on a plate with some acetone, to get a thinner consistency and start painting away freehand.
Don't try and make everything look identical or symmetrical. That is the beauty of it.
Once you are done, do not forget to seal in your beautiful design with a top coat :)


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