How I Store My Makeup, Hostel Edition : Take A Peek

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This is one of the most requested post at C&D and apologies for the delay but here it is finally! Take a look! 

How I Store My Makeup in the hostel room

So, I have 2 small cupboards in my hostel room, so I am always short of storage space. But I have improvised a bit and managed to fit in most of my makeup on half a shelf and a drawer :)
And as much as I want to buy pretty storage things, I have to remind myself of the fact that this is hostel, and there is absolutely no point in getting the pretty storage items at the moment. They will be bought when I have a more permanent place.
Therefore, a lot of things you will see here will be recycled ones :)

How I Store My Makeup in the hostel room

One of the best buys was this plastic drawer storage compartment thing. I got it for around 200 INR and it fits in a lot of stuff. Also, this way I can utilize the space vertically. I highly recommend this thing!

Also, you can spot my brush holder kept on top of this compartment. It is actually a Cup Noodles container, which I have recycled and painted with glitter nailpolish. I really love how pretty and sparkly this looks. It houses all my face brushes. 

How I Store My Makeup in the hostel room

The first drawer holds all my blushes, compact powder and my beloved Mary Lou-Manizer. 
It also has some my BB creams and liquid concealers. 

How I Store My Makeup in the hostel room

The 2nd compartment is where I keep my eye products. Eyeshadows, felt tip liners and gel liner. I also store my Ponds BB cream and DermaColor Camoflage Cream since I reach for these 2 quite often, and the 2nd drawer is at the optimal height :D
At the back are my makeup sponges. 

How I Store My Makeup in the hostel room

The bottom drawer is reserved for lip glosses, chubby sticks and some lipsticks in pots. It also holds my makeup sharpner. 

How I Store My Makeup in the hostel room

I also got this acrylic lipstick holder from a local store for 250 INR. It is a 24 lipstick holder and holds all my lipsticks. I am not even buying anymore now, since I do not have space to keep them! Haha!

At the back is a pen holder, recylced as a brush holder for my eye brushes and other small thinner makeup brushes. I also store cotton wool in the transparent compartments in front. 

How I Store My Makeup in the hostel room

On the other side of the shelf I have recylced a My Envy Box to hold all the samples and testers of products I need to try. It is a good way to keep them all in one place, since I usually end up losing them. 

In the front, I keep the perfume I am using for the day. The small candy tin is from Chumbak and it holds all my Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Creams and some other liquid lipsticks. I also like to keep a facial spray here, just to use as a setting spray after makeup, if I want to :)

How I Store My Makeup in the hostel room

Coming to the drawer below now :

I used empty cardboard boxes  as dividers and storage boxes here (no point buying drawer seperators in a hostel room!). Simply cut off the top flaps of the boxes and they come in very handy to store stuff and create compartments for the drawers

So all my nailpolishes are in one box. Another smaller box hold my more expensive prefumes. 
My foundations are on one side in the front. Eyepencils stored in another empty Cup Noodles container. A smaller jar to keep my lip pencils and my mascaras and some other nail bits are on the other side in the front. 

I have also stacked my palettes on one side and they fit in quite snugly there. 

So there you have it. That's how I have stored my makeup in my hostel room. Hope this helped all you girls who also live in a hostel/pg and has given you some ideas too. 

Let me know if you would like to see skincare storage and other things too :)


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