So I Finally Tried Palazzos : OOTD !

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Curios and Dreams has been up and running for over 4 years now, and yet we had not done any OOTDs so far. Why so? 
Well, firstly because Smriti and I stay in different cities, away from home. You can see how getting photos clicked would be an issue. 
Secondly, I am a huge camera phobic!! I love clicking photos and could do it all day. But put me in front of a camera and I get extremely uncomfortable, give weird expressions and in general just want to run far far away! 
So much for OOTDs! *sigh*

Anyway, I was finally made to try palazzos a while back (I was convinced I wouldn't look good in them...short girl problems!).So here I am! 

This is my 1st outfit post, so naturally I am quite nervous about your thoughts. Be kind, ok? :)

Oh, and please forgive the slightly crinkled kurta, did not expect that to happen and there wasn't an iron around :D 

I would not have even tried the palazzos, but the delicate embroidery just made me fall in love with it the second I spotted them! I have an eternal love for embroidery! 

The kurta was from the mix and match section, and honestly I picked them up at the store that day, just to have something to wear on top of the get a rough idea. But I really ended up liking the 2 pieces together! Funny how things work out sometimes! 
I think it took me just 10 mintues to buy these 2! :D 

When it comes to jewelry, I am a minimalist.  Most of my collection is made up of small dainty pieces. 

So I went with these pochi bracelets (I think they are called that...after some googling. Though I have always called them "baagdi"), a traditional piece from Rajasthan. I have always had a pair in my stash, even as a kid. I love these things so much! 

Round beaten gold earrings and a delicate neckpiece to finish things off. 

Kurta - Shristi ; Palazzo - Shristi ; Necklace - H&M ;  Earrings - Forever 21 ; Bracelet - Thrift Shop ; Sandals - Mast & Harbor

I hope you liked the outfit! I know I asked you to be kind at the beginning of the post, but hey, you can let me know whatever you think in the comments below!

How do you like to style palazzos?


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