Amp Up Your White Shirt!

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Hello everyone! 

Since you all loved the last outfit post, we just had to feature our extremely pretty friend again! 
This time it is all about styling that basic white shirt! It need not be restrcited to office and formal occasions anymore. Here's how you can transfrom it with minimal effort! Take a peek :)

So you are heading out straight after work? No problem! 

Swap those formal trousers for a pair of white shorts (take advantage of the summer!) 

Define the waist with a chunky metallic belt and throw in a pair of sexy heels! 

Don't the heels and the belt add the right touch of glam to the otherwise plain white shirt? 

Of course you also need to oomph up the makeup. 

Retouch your base - conceal and powder where needed. 

We used metallic grey and black to smoke out the eye just a bit, and the grey tones match the belt and shoes (win win!). Add a nice flick to that liner and finish the eye with loads of mascara!

Don't forget to throw on a darker lip color, a berry or wine maybe? And of course, highlighter on your cheekbones for a luminous glow! 

There you go! You are all set to rock the evening! 

Until next time! Cheers! 

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