Cinthol Woman Deo Stick, Aura : Review

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Ladies, a new favorite has joined my summer essentials arsenal!

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When you're blessed with over-active sweat glands, there's little you can do to stop them from functioning, but every now and then comes a product which makes life easier for us. This deo-stick is one such find and I'm so glad I picked it up from my local store on a whim! It's life changing..!

Before this came along, I was using antiperspirant roll-ons by Nivea, including those from the men's range. I've used Fresh Active and Cool Kick (really liked the latter), and the newer Protect & Care (also great for the original Nivea scent!). I still think that they are a good option and last a decent amount of time but the packaging was outside my comfort-zone.

Glass bottles for something that I'm going to use right after a shower, with wet fingers, has the makings of a disaster! And disaster did strike, for I ended up breaking Fresh Active, had to decant it into an empty hand-sanitizer bottle, wait for Cool Kick to finish, then pry open the roller ball of the empty bottle to transfer the other deo into it! What a pain!

Hence, Cinthol's deo stick is a boon for me! The easy-squeezy tube is downright sensible; fuss-free and durable = me likey! It's travel friendly (the caps fits tightly) and perfect to throw into your bag for reapplying during the day.

This deo stick is cream based and does not have a roller applicator. Instead, the cream is squeezed out through this slit-like opening, dabbed onto the underarms and then spread in circular motions using the rounded applicator. There is no need to use your hands to spread the product.

Out of the 3 variants available I chose Aura for its unobtrusive scent. The mild fragrance leans toward an aquatic floral, but vanishes in a couple of hours. I never have to worry about it messing up my perfume.

Immediately after application, it leaves a cool sensation on the skin and deodorizes my underarms effectively. The white cream spreads easily to form a light invisible layer which absorbs into the skin within a minute.

On days when the weather is forgiving, with Aura I can breeze through the day. However, when the humidity is really high, my underarms do get sweaty even after applying this. I can feel just a film of sweat on the skin, nothing embarrassingly major. The formula can't be faulted for this as it holds up well under normal circumstances, but cracks under the pressure of extreme heat.

If you're someone with mild-moderate perspiring issues (and know that I detest you for your genes!) these Cinthol deo-sticks will be your BFF this summer!

Price : 69INR for 40g

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