What's in my Travel Bag? : Smriti's edition

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You've already taken a peek into Swati's travel bag, and it's one of the most popular posts on the blog! Elder sisters are always a role model and so I decided to dedicate a post to my bag as well.

Elder sisters are also always more efficient, so while she had split her travel bag into Makeup, Skincare, and Tools, and also a bonus Weekend edition! I'm going to be lazy and showcase it all at once 😛

Hey presto!

Earlier I was notorious for cramming my products into every nook and cranny of my suitcase. It's only recently I invested in a proper kit-bag. This bag in particular is my favorite. It's a light cool mint in colour, measures 26 x 17 x 9 cms (ample space as you can see), and is made of lace lined by clear plastic and PU trimmings. The zip is sturdy and tucks into the side of the bag. It opens wide for easy access to all my belongings inside.

That's what the inside of my bag looks like. To make the most of the space, I like to keep everything organized. My essentials include a few skincare items, basic makeup products and tools, and some miscellaneous stuff to look presentable at all times.

These are my skincare essentials.

My favorite Aroma Magic gel sunscreen in the summer and the cucumber one during winter.

Pure Rosewater by Forest Essentials. This works both as toner and as a refreshing mist and preps my skin really well for moisturizer. Even though I prefer my Kama Ayurveda Lavender water, the 200ml bottle is difficult to carry and I'm looking forward to purchasing a 50ml one!

Aloe Vera gel by The Face Shop. I was an idiot for not buying the tube version, so I lug this bulky 300ml jar along with me. No other moisturizer travels with me because I never know if the change in weather / water will break me out. So, aloe gel is a staple. This one contains 99% pure aloe extracts and is literally a game-changer. Also multi-tasks as a face mask / under eye treatment.

Kara wet wipes. Swati detests these and swears by Jhonson's baby wipes! However, for me they get the job done. Wet wipes are quite handy, especially during summer-time when I constantly want to dunk my face into refreshing goodness. I'm currently using the refreshing variant (duh!) enriched with cucumber and aloe. My only complaint is that the stickiness of the seal wears off and then I need to keep it closed with a rubberband. 😒

The Body Shop Vitamin E nourishing night cream, a 15ml sample jar that finds use in rejuvenating my skin if I plan on sleeping with the A/C on.

Organic Surge Gentle Meadow hand and nail cream. Cannot live without this dear thing. I had purchased it long ago and haven't switched to any other brand since. I love the mild comforting fragrance, it's lightweight, and keeps my hands so soft.

These are the makeup items I have with me at all times. It's an eclectic and versatile mix that can be used to easily create different looks!

Makeup Revolution's Iconic Pro 1 palette is a famous dupe of the Lorac Pro and I love the selection of colours in it. The shadows are beautifully pigmented and buttery, full review will be up soon.

Essence I Love Nude mono eyeshadow in Coffee Bean is something I cannot live without now. It is the most gorgeous lustrous brown for my eyes, perfect to smudge kajal or create a smokey eye.

Dark Brown gel eyeliner pencil by L.A. Girl and a regular pot gel eyeliner by L'Oreal in the shade Diamond Black, because liquid eyeliners are my bane!

Mascara of course, I cannot not wear it. The new Lash Sensational by Maybelline is wet and dark, almost ink-like on the eyes. I ❤ it!

For lipsticks, I keep switching but mostly carry three in different shades. This summer I have Tea Break by Lakme (mauve-brown) and Holly Go Lightly by Sugar (peachy nude), both true mattes. For a subtle pop, the cool pink Rose Mademoiselle by L'Oreal is my newest acquisition.

Tools are simple, I skip the lash curler because my mascara is awesome on its own. The palette comes with a dual ended eyshadow + blending brush. Apart from that I keep a regular eyeshadow brush by Faces (good multi-tasker) and an accent brush by Real Techniques to smoke out the liner.

The last few things comprise my rescue squad!

Dry shampoo by Batiste in the tinted version. This dark brown powder blends in really well and gives me fabulous hair in an instant. I've tried the one by BBlunt, but nothing compares to Divine Dark!

Chic by All Good Scents is my current travel-friendly summer perfume. Plus it matches my bag so...😄

Headache Relief roll on by SoulFlower is an absolute necessity for banishing headaches brought on by travelling.

Any nude nail polish. This season it's Cafe de Nuit by L'Oreal, long lasting and highly glossy.

That's all people!

You'll notice the lack of base makeup and cheek products + tools here because in this heat, I really can't be bothered. I'll do a winter edition of my travel bag, so keep an eye out for which heroes make it to the list!

In the summer, I rely upon letting my skin breathe and keeping it healthy so that I can step out confidently. Occasionally, I'll throw in a sheet mask or two for emergencies, or switch Iconic Pro with Iconic 3 if it's springtime. The rose tones are really pretty for that time of the year 🌼


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