May 2017 Empties!

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Time for last months empties again. Take a look!
Also, I need some recommendations this pop them in the comments below!

1. The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream
I had gotten 3 of these on sale a while a back and this was my favourite variant out of the 3. Though these are not the most hydrating hand creams I have used. It is light weight and absorbs quickly but I need something more hydrating. Won't be repurchasing this one. More thoughts here.

2. Sure Roll On
I have lost count of how many of these I have gone through. Although, I have a feeling that these have been discontinued. I have stopped seeing Sure at the counters. Instead I spot Rexona roll ons in the same packaging and the same tick logo.....!!
I just have a small bottle of the Sure roll on left now and I do not know what I will do if these have infact been discontinued! Any ideas?

3. Colorbar Radiant Glow Highlighter Pen
I wanted a liquid highlighter which I could travel with easily and had ordered this one online. While this was quite nice (full review here), I think I got an old stock, coz this dried up really fast!
Pity I couldn't use it as much as I would liked to. Also, the product dries up in the applicator brush, so it is quite a hassle to use. Not getting it again.
And my Revlon Skinlights bottle has broken, the pump leaks and it is so old now that I probably need to chuck it and get my hands on a new liquid highlighter...Suggestions please!

4. Maybelline Hyperglossy Liner in Navy
Gosh I loved wearing this one so much. From a distance it almost passed off as black, which made it so wearable. But you could catch the navy color from certain angles. Just a lovely liner on days when I didn't want a jet black. Though it does tend to flake and come off if rubbed (full thoughts and eotd here).  Might repurchase if I do not find any other navy liquid liner to try out.

5. Maybelline Colorama Nailpolish in Perla
Who remembers the Colorma range? I wish Maybelline would bring these back. I loved so many colors in the range. Perla is the kind of color I always prefer to keep in my stash. So wearable.
Will pick up a similar color soon. Recommendations?

6. Dr. Patkar's Apple Cider Vinegar
I finished the huge bottle. All on my hair. This is how much I love ACV rinses! It works so fabulously for me. Takes care of the itchyness and any product buildup, gives my hair so much volume. I love ACV. Need to buy another bottle asap! Read more about my DIY ACV Hair Rinse here.

That's my little May empties! Hoping to go thorugh some more products in June. Let's see :)


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