3 The Body Shop Hand Creams - Moringa, Honeymania & Shea : Review

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Like I have said before on the blog, I am trying to get more into regular use of handcreams, courtesy work hazards. After trying a few from Neutrogena (which still remains a favourite!) & Organic Surge, I wanted to try some new ones and I went straight to The Body Shop for the sheer variety they have. Plus their handcreams have really cute packaging :)

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The vintage tube packaging is adorable. It is sleek and a perfect handbag size

The texture of these are like a light gel. A pea sized blob is sufficient. They absorb quickly and do not leave a greasy/heavy feeling behind. These however will not repair severe dry skin

Each handcream is made of Community Fair Trade Shea Butter & a moisture rich agent exclusive to each fragrance (eg. Moringa one has cold pressed seed oil from moringa pods). 

The Body Shop Hand Cream review, The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream review

Moringa has a floral jasmine fragrance. I have already used the Moringa Body Milk (reviewed here) before & while I did like how that smelt like, this one isn't a particular favourite. It's a nice floral fragrance, but not my top pick. 

The Body Shop Hand Cream review, The Body Shop Honeymania Hand Cream review

Honeymania is a sweet fragrance, but nothing overpowering or strong. It is quite a pleasant smell actually, and I do like the slight floral whiff after putting this one. A few people I know also have passively smelt this one and liked it :) 

The Body Shop Hand Cream review, The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream review

Shea Hand Cream is my favourite out of the 3. We have loved the Shea Body Butter in the past as well. This one has a sweet nutty aroma.

Price : 350 INR for 30 ml

Overall, these are decent if you are looking out for moderate moisturization coupled with a variety of  lovely fragrances. They are sized well to be carried around. The light weight texture makes application hassle free. If you don't have any issues then these are okay for general maintenance. Also if you enjoy fragrances in your hand cream then TBS has a lot of options.

But I don't think these can or will heal or repair the skin.  So if you are a frequent hand washer or have very dry hands, dermatitis, eczema etc. then these are not going to help. 
I find the Neutrogena hand cream far more moisturizing, which works on healing & repairing the skin. Also, the Neutrogena one is very mild in fragrance, so if your have dry irritated skin then a milder fragrance or fragrance free option is a better choice. 

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