Moroccan Oil Hair Spa at Bounce, Indiranagar! #ArganEveryDay

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If you follow us on Instagram (if you don't yet then what are you waiting for?!), you would know that a few of weeks back Bounce Salon had invited us to experience the Moroccan oil hair spa treatment and I couldn't have been more excited. 
Thick healthy hair was something I remember the 17 year old me having. Of course, I used to take a lot of care back then. 
Blame the increasing age, pollution, stress and a somewhat unhealthy lifestyle and now my hair has reduced in volume by half, it isn't as shiny anymore and don't even get me started on the hairfall! 
An occasional hair spa has hence has become essential to keep to keep my hair in a decent state. 
I had never tried out the Moroccan Oil before this, so ofcourse I couldn't wait to see the results! 

The process began with a small consultation to choose the right products depending on the hair type. I was informed that I had an oily scalp but my hair was on the drier side. The Hydration Therapy was chosen for me.

The hydrating shampoo and condtioner was used to wash the hair, followed by their Intense Hydrating Mask. The mask was applied and massaged for about 10 minutes (which by the way, felt absolutelty know I am a sucker for masaages). The mask was then washed off and the hair was finished with a small pump of the Moroccan Oil Treatment. After a semi blowdry (so as to not ruin the benefits of the spa) I was all done :)

Here are my thoughts :

1. I looovvveeed the Intense Hydrating Mask. I would choose getting this over the shampoo and conditioner.
2. The treatment left my hair feeling so soft and smooth, I couldn't stop running my fingers through it till the next day (I bugged quite a few people to feel the smoothness and softness too :D)
3. I have been testing out the Moroccan Oil Treatment for the past 3 weeks and I am quite impressed. I need just a tiny bit for my hair lengths and it leaves my hair tangle free, less frizzy and quite smooth. Plus it smells heavenly!
(I need to get my hands on the full sized bottle soon followed my the hydrating mask.)

The Moroccan oil treatment hair spa at Bounce starts at about 2500 INR (depending upon the hair length). 

What about you? Have you tired the Moroccan oil hair spa before? What are you favourite products from this range? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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