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Wouldn't being a butterfly be absolutely fantastic? Imagine flitting from one fragrant flower to another, drinking in all they had to offer with not a care in the world. Fortunately, The Body Shop outlets nearly always allow me to live my fantasy, and I go sniff-sniffing every jar with the happiest feelings ever!

Between Smriti & me, we've been trying to grow our perfume collection- sampling new launches, recommending trusted ones to each other. It's honestly quite easy to lose sight of what you're looking for, in the plethora of fragrances that flood our market.

For a while now, I was on the hunt for a clean perfume. Something I could just spritz on regardless of the weather, the occasion, time.. anything at all. And when TBS launched their Fuji Green Tea collection, the cologne lured my senses effortlessly.

The Body Shop Green Tea Eau de Cologne review, The Body Shop Green Tea perfume review

TBS packagings have always been very practical, & this Eau de Cologne is no exception. You get a tall glass bottle with a snugly fitting cap, inside which the light green liquid sloshes around.
This cologne is an uncomplicated blend, with top notes of green tea, bergamot, lemon & mandarin orange to gently tantalize your senses. These slowly diffuse away, setting the mood for a hint of fragrant florals like camellia, jasmine, and violet. I couldn't find any mention of the base notes anywhere, but as colognes are lighter concoctions, an absence of heavier dry-down is probably for the best.

The Body Shop Green Tea Eau de Cologne review, The Body Shop Green Tea perfume review

The great thing about owning this perfume is the simplicity which it embodies. To my mind it summons images of dewdrops and delicate blooms all wrapped by an unmistakable fresh green note. I terribly miss the time we vacationed in Munnar, and this scent brings back the memories of post spa sessions of sipping herbal teas as the mists rolled over lush tea gardens..

The Body Shop Green Tea Eau de Cologne review, The Body Shop Green Tea perfume review

Since the formulation is light, and the notes are unobtrusive, TBS Fuji Green Tea cologne is a welcome change from heady florals & orientals, all the while sitting very close to the skin. It's a good option for those looking to have a personal bubble of freshness. The sillage is extremely subtle, and longevity maxes at 3-4 hours.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with my purchase. I even bought the body butter to layer under it because I find the scent so refreshing & pure! Also, this cologne is fairly unisexual and I can recommend it as a safe gifting option. Although, once you sniff it, I think you'll find parting with it quite difficult! :D

Price : 1295 INR for 100 ml

Are perfumes your poison? I'd love to know your favorites!

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