Garnier Ultra Blends Revitalizing Shampoo, 5 Precious Herbs : Review

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I am sure that by now most of you have heard of Garnier launching the new Ultra Blends range, though if you try and remember, these aren't quite that new at all. 
Who all have used and loved their old Ultra Doux range? I know I particularly loved the walnut oil one. And like all things that you like, it was discontinued. 

Imagine my glee, to come across these the other day. I picked up a few variants to test out and see how they fare. Going with the Revitalizing variant first.. 

Garnier Ultra Blends Revitalizing Shampoo review
Comes in the pretty light green plastic bottle. It is the same as the old Ultra Doux range, except for the golden cap with the leaf engraved on it. Haven't experienced any spills so far.

Garnier Ultra Blends Revitalizing Shampoo review

It is enriched with 5 herbs - green tea, lemon, henna, aloe and eucalyptus all targeted towards revitalizing hair. 

Garnier Ultra Blends Revitalizing Shampoo review

The shampoo has a fresh herby fragrance (it wouldn't be my favourite smell from the range though), which does not on stay for too long.  The product itself it a bit on a thinner side. You do not need too much. It lathers well, removes dirt and oil effectively.

My hair type : Semi-oily scalp, prone to falkes and some itchiness. Hair ends are on the dry side. 
                        Straight smooth hair, limp. 
                        I rarely use conditioners. Mostly stick to a serum/leave-in-cream

The shampoo cleansed my scalp well, leaving no residue behind. Most shampoos work okay for me, since I do not suffer from much frizziness. This one however, did leave my hair slightly more frizzy than normal (though even the rainy weather might have had some role to play in that). Keep in mind that I did not follow up with a conditioner/serum.
I have used this variant for around 3 times, and I haven't experienced any major hairfall. It contains SLS.

Garnier Ultra Blends Revitalizing Shampoo review

 Price : 55 INR for 75 ml

Overall, it is quite affordable and was a decent one to use. It didn't fair as well on me as my trusted regular ones, but it did the cleansing job well. Might reserve this one to the times when I need a through cleanse. You will mostly need to use a conditioner after this one.
I suggest you pick up the smaller bottle to make up your mind first. Or you can be like me, and pick up all to test :P

Stay tuned to know more about the other variants!

Have you tried any one from the Ulta Blends range? Which is your favourite variant? 


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