Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set : Review


So many of you asked us to share our makeup brushes, so continuing with that, here's another post!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Real Techniques is one of the best options for beginners looking to try their hand at different beauty tools. They're neither too expensive nor dirt cheap, but the quality of each brush surpasses the price.

Now that we've cleared that, let's take a look at this wonderful set that sorts all your eye-enhancing needs in one go!

Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set review

Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set review

Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set review
Brow Brush

Brow Brush - I mention this before all the others is because brows can make, or break, a look. If you're not sure or don't have the time to put on eyeshadows and blend them, then using this brush to simply define your eyebrows can really frame your face for natural beauty.

This brush is not as stiff as some other brow brushes available in the market, but that in my opinion is an advantage. I've never been one for Instagram makeup, I don't like to be too precise with lines. This brush is packed densely enough to pick up powders and deposit them on your brow, and at the same time is soft enough to blend it in. The end result is that you get brows which don't look too sharp (read, obviously fake).

Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set review
Liner Brush

Liner Brush - This one is not for people who like their eyeliner to be thin and close to the lash line. To be honest, I don't use this brush often, only when I like to just wear eyeliner in a retro-glam way.

The liner brush is great for thick eyeliner looks, but isn't made for beginners. The length of the bristles make it a bit wobbly on the eyelid, so you'll need some practice before you can confidently use this brush.

Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set review
Accent Brush

Accent Brush - This tiny and stiff brush is my favorite from this set, and also one of my travel essentials. It's great for packing on colour in a precise way, or to use eyeshadow as liner! The stiffness also works well in blending the edges of any pencil I happen to use.

Read more about my travel essentials here! Or check out Swati's edition, search for 'travel bag' in the bar 😊

Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set review
Base Shadow Brush

Base Shadow Brush - Fairly loosely packed, this brush gives a gentle wash of colour to the lids and also blends out the edges. The end result is always subtle so I choose this if I'm wearing eyeshadow to college (which is once in a blue moon).
I usually prefer my Faces eyeshadow brush as it has a more compact shape and denser bristles which suits my eye size better and deposits more pigment too, but it's convenient to have options if  need to use different colours!

Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set review
Deluxe Crease Brush

Deluxe Crease Brush - The most versatile brush in the entire collection, working excellently for eyes as well as for face. I confess, my crease isn't large enough to fit this fat and dense brush, but  use it as a last step in blending, or on days when  just need to emphasize my crease.
It also blends out concealer beautifully, or any face product for that matter. If you happen to own the Expert Face Brush, think of this as a rounded and smaller brother in terms of function. I've even buffed out liquid highlight with this, and blended away over-zealous blush with ease.

Great brush to have in your collection, highly recommended!

Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set review

Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set review

So that was the Real Techniques Starter Set for you, a fit choice for all beginners looking to invest in good quality brushes. These have stayed with me for over 3 years now, not a bristle shed yet! I have added another eye set to my collection a few months ago, so keep a lookout for a blog post soon.


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