Products That Did Not Work For Me - Part I

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Hi everyone! How's it going? 
A while back I had asked you all on Instagram if you would be interesed in seeing products I regret buying and majority of you all said yes... so here you go! 
Take a look :

Disclaimer - While these products somehow did not work out for me, they might work/or might have worked for you. This in just my personal view. 

Products I Regret Byuing india

1) PAC Pressed Pigmented Eyeshadow
I bought the shade Ripples & Infinity. While these shadows look super super beautiful in the pot & the colors are absolutely gorgeous, the formula is quite terrible. It is extremely flaky and quite impossible to pick up on a brush or a finger. It doesn't work wet as well. When I do manage to apply it somehow, it goes on super patchy! Skip this one. 

2) Maybelline Color Show Lipstick Mysterious Mocha 
While the lipstick is priced well and the formula is good too, the color won't suit most Indian skin tones. It makes my lips vanish and makes me look sick. I got swayed by online swatches, but forgot that many online swatches can be deceiving, with artificial lights and quite a bit of editing. 
The colour might work on someone who has a lighter skintone, but honestly, there are much much better neutral shades available. 

3) Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipstick
I got the shade Kudi & IT Girl.
While this range has some really good shades and makes me want to buy many of them, the formula isn't the most comfortable. I find it to be quite drying on the lips after a while and it emphasizes lines a lot. I get tempted time and again to get some more shades from this line, but then have to keep reminding myself how much I dislike the formula. 

4) Maybelline Hyperink Glitz Eyeliner
I got the shade Sapphire which is a lovely dark blue color with fine shimmer. The color is absolutely gorgeous, no doubt about that. The formula however is very disappointing. If you happen you rub your eye accidently it will flake off so so easily. It also rubs of with a drop of water! I didn't expect this from Maybelline.

Products I Regret Byuing india

5) Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Pencil in soft Nude
I bought it thinking I will use it in the waterline. Nude pencils look much better than a stark white pencil and make your eyes look bigger. 
The color is a good nude for my skintone.  But the formula isn't as smooth as I would have liked considering it claims to be a "Gel Pencil". I have used others which had better smoother formula. On top of that, the pencil has fine shimmer in it... why?! I am not too fond of shimmer in a nude toned pencil... Just my preference.
I have tried wearing . I hthis once. I have never worn it since. 

6)NYX 3-In-1 Brow Pencil
I love brow products by NYX generally. 
Their Brow mascara (reviewed here) is one of my all times favourites. I also love their micro brow pencil a lot. So, I thought of giving this a try too. You get a brow pencil, brow powder & brow mascara all in 1 thing. Now that would make life easier wouldn't it?
Sadly no. I have the shade brunette which is fine for someone who has lighter brown hair. Keeping the shade aside, I find the pencil tip to be a bit thicker, so you dont get that super precise application. 
The powder is good, but again a smaller sponge tip would have been better. 
The brow mascara wand is huge for a brow mascara that is! 
Who can ever apply brow mascara with this big a wand without creating a mess? And this thing wasn't cheap too!

7) Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick
I got the much hyped & loved shade - Bumble.
The color is gorgeous. I can see why it is raved about so much. Unfortunately, people hardly mention the super drying formula it has. It feels uncomfortable on the lips. Enhances all dry patches & lines even more making my lips look aged. I certainly do not need that. 

Because of the drying formula, I have hardly been able to wear this lipstick much. 

Quite frankly, I am done with trying out Liquid Lipsticks. Most of them suck the life out of your lips anyway. 

Except a few gems, which have beautiful formula and truly are amazing. I am just going to stick with those!

Products I Regret Byuing india

Okay, let's get into skincare:

1) Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Body Cleanser
Normally I always like products by Kama Ayurveda so I got this for the boy as a gift. He did not like it....I ended up getting a good lecture. 
He tried it once & has not touched it since. I gave it a try too & I get why he did not like it. I do not like the fragrance. I mean, it is nice & earthy and all. But honestly, not our kind of bath fragrance. I have need earthy fragrances I rather use Neutrogena Rainbath. Now that one smells really nice. 
This one also doesn't  leave my skin hydrated & soft the same way my favourite L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil does (which the boy also enjoys using)
And this Kama body cleanser cost a lot too. I still have half the bottle left. How I wish I had skipped this, saved some more money & bought another of the L'Occitane one! 
I have been told not to ever get any "men products" for him henceforth. 🤦🏽‍♀️

2) Kiehl's Nourishing Olive Fruit Oil Shampoo
I also love products by Kiehl's...a lot! It's another favourite brand of mine. 
I have been using their Oilve hair mask on and off for quite a few months now (maybe over 8 months) & I really like that one. 
Now, my hair is quite well behaved (in terms of texture) on it's own, so most shampoos work just fine so I have never been very particular about shampoos in general. Also I love to keep trying new ones everytime 1 bottle gets over...not that loyal in this departmet. 
So last month I though why not get this shampoo too to go along with the mask & have a nice Oilve Oil family. 
And this shampoo does not work for all! It makes my hair texture rough & frizzy which makes it tough to comb out = more hairfall due to breakage. Oh Gosh!
I have used this twice so far and it just didn't work. I have more than 2/3rds of the bottle remaining & I don't know what to do with it! 

Products I Regret Byuing india

3) The Ordinary Caffiene Solution 
This just did not work on me. It didn't do any harm or react. But it failed to show any good visible effects. Maybe I don't have severe under eye issues to begin with? I don't know, I just had higher hopes from this one. Read full review HERE.

4) Simple Light Hydrating Moisturiser
I was really excited when Simple launched on Nykaa. And in that excitement I bought things without doing proper research. 
One of the things I got was this moisturiser. It is light enough for me, it spreads well & absorbs well too. But my skin doesn't feel good after applying it. 
You know how there are some products which you apply and you skin feels happy & perky when you apply it? This did not feel like that. 
Also, this might have broken me out a little. I used it for a week and then stopped it - who wants pimples! When a product starts to break me out even a little bit, I just stop using it. I get my fair share of  breakouts anyway so I don't need products that give me any more. 

I am thinking to give this another chance, just to confirm my previous findings, but I do not have high hopes. Remember to always research your products before buying! Always!

Products I Regret Byuing india

So, here you go. All the products that did not work out for me!
I have purchased all these on my own. None of them are gifted or sponsored. 
And it really feels bad when you put in mone, buy something & it just turns out to be disappointing. 

This post is also a reminder for myself - Never Ever Buy Anything Else Without Doing Proper Research! 


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