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We did a small post on whether the Galaxy S10 was still relevant, especially with the Pixel 4 and the iPhone 11 coming out later this year. The answer to that question though, in case you were wondering, was a resounding yes!

Which is why I am really impressed with all the stuff that Samsung is doing in order to keep the S10 fresh. Samsung has a lot of pressure on it, being the first flagship launch of the year, and it has been supremely successful so far, with sales of the S10 still strong despite the launch of the One Plus 7 Pro.

One of the most interesting gizmos though, and the subject of this review, is this awesome LED case. This little beast snaps on to your S10, connects via NFC, and displays fancy icons, moodlighting stars and Emoji on certain events, like getting a call, getting a message or having a missed call.

Samsung LED Cover review, Samsung LED Cover india

Here’s some of the most important consumer purchase questions answered for you:

Is it any good?
Yeah we thought so. You get to see if someone is calling you when your phone is face down, you also get to see a timer if you’re using the timer function on the rear camera. And there’s some random mood lighting for you to enjoy as well.

Does it work well with the wireless charger?

Yes and yes! There’s no reduction in the wireless charging speed. NFC though, does not work at all, and that might be a deal breaker if you use NFC on a daily basis.

Samsung LED Cover review, Samsung LED Cover india

How do I get them awesome emoji?

You can download the LED Icons app from here. Although this is one of the weaker points about this case, since Samsung does not seem to officially support the App, and also, does not let you edit specific Emoji for specific events. We do hope that this will be supported soon, or that Samsung will start opening up the environment to more developers who would develop apps taking advantage of this

How does it affect battery life?

The S10 really does not have the most exceptional battery life, however, the case doesn’t affect it in a very significant way. Using a Bixby routine to save battery life is one of my cheap hacks, and using this case, even with an intermittent mood lighting flashing got me about three quarters of the way through the day on moderate – high usage (browsing the Internet, Instagram, Youtube and about 20 minutes of calls)

Samsung LED Cover review, Samsung LED Cover india

Samsung LED Cover review, Samsung LED Cover india

Is it cheap?

Well it is more expensive compared to a normal case, about 2 times more expensive to be exact, but it is a really fun cover, and something totally different to what any mainstream manufacturer has to offer, and therefore, well worth the price

Samsung LED Cover review, Samsung LED Cover india

What are the cons?

It’s still a bit of a novelty item, with the price at roughly double what a high end case would cost you. It also doesn’t seem to work well for messages. It’s also not the most solid case, so don’t buy it if you drop your phone a lot. Also, the white case seems to be terrible, so do go in for the Black one. It is also not possible to marry Bixby routines with the Led Case, although we do hope that this would be a part of some future updates.

Samsung LED Cover review, Samsung LED Cover india

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