Selsun Shampoo : Selenium Sulfide Topical Suspension

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While my hair is relatively well behaved, my oily scalp gives me problems from time to time. Due to the nature of my work (I need to wear head caps often) and the hot humid climate India has most of the year, my scalp gets itchy and flaky, especially during the monsoons. I also get mild dandruff sometimes, mostly during the winter months. Which is why I like to keep an anti-dandruff shampoo in my hair care stash....coz I never know when I will need it. I tried the Selsun Selenium Sulfide Shampoo a few months back and it has been working extremely well. 

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Originating from the house of Abbott, Selsun is one of the most trusted and effective anti-dandruff shampoo available over years. It is a topical medicated shampoo that has selenium sulphide (2.5%), which helps to treat and control dandruff through its unique dual-action benefit. It kills the root cause of dandruff i.e. certain types of fungi whose overgrowth on the scalp causes dandruff. It helps prevent build-up of skin cells, preventing flaking and itching of scalp. Selsun is an anti-dandruff shampoo for both men and women and comes with an improved fragrance. Selsun must be used twice weekly for two weeks and then only when necessary or as directed by the physician.

  • Its dual-action effectively treats and controls dandruff 
  • Provides relief from itching and flaking 
  • Helps prevent reappearance of dandruff 
  • Available with improved fragrance 
  • Trusted by generations over years

Ingredients : Selenium sulfide 2.5%; bentonite, citric acid, cocoamphocarboxyglycinate, ethylene glycol monostearate, fragrance, glycerol monoricinoleate, lauramide DEA, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium phosphate (monobasic), titanium dioxide, and water.

Directions for use : Wash hair with mild soap. Rinse. Massage Selsun onto scalp to form lather. Leave on scalp for 2-3 mintues. Rinse. Repeat the procedure and rinse thoroughly. Use twice weekly or as directed by physician.
Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use immediately after bleaching, tinting or on inflamed scalp.

Selsun Shampoo review, Selsun Shampoo, Selenium Sulfide shampoo, anti dandruff shampoo, anti dandruff shampoo india

The liquid is thick and has a strong smell, which stays on for a while both on the scalp and the bathroom. It is not the most pleasant smell but I put up with it since it works. It lathers decently (please do not expect it to foam a lot or remove oil from the hair, it is not meant for that). 

Anti-dandruff shampoos are usually harsher and more stripping and tend to leave the hair quite dry. This is no exception. It is drying on the hair and it would be best to condition your hair lengths (with a hair mask/conditioner) post using this. 

Price : 197 INR for 60ml ; 348 INR for 120ml ( available on Nykaa here or on Amazon here or in local pharmacies )

Selsun Shampoo review, Selsun Shampoo, Selenium Sulfide shampoo, anti dandruff shampoo, anti dandruff shampoo india

How do I use it? 

I clean my hair and scalp with a regular shampoo first, and then go in with Selsun only on my scalp, keeping it on for 2 minutes. Rinse it well and follow up with a hair mask on my lengths to make sure they don't dry out. I only do a single application. 

Since I don't suffer from chronic dandruff I don't need to use it every week. I mostly stick to using it about 2 times a month or as and when required to keep my scalp itching and flakes in check. However last winter I got mild dandruff and I used the shampoo once a week for 3 weeks and it took care of the flakes & itching (in 3 uses). 

If you have an oily scalp that gets itchy and flaky often or if you are suffering from dandruff, then I would recommend you to check Selsun Shampoo out. I found it to be quite effective & have already repurchased it. 

* Do keep in mind that this is not a regular shampoo that needs to be used continuously. It is a treatment product, so use it when you have dandruff, flakes or itching and stop using it once the condition is under control. Use it again when dandruff reoccurs.

* If your dandruff issue is severe and chronic, it would be best to visit a dermatologist/tricologist for treatment. 


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