15 festive Makeup Looks That Are Beyond Stunning

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With the festivals approaching, you're ready to show off a stunning look in front of everyone. While the most prominent beauty tip we can give is to wear what makes you feel beautiful and confident, there are a few ways you can fully amp up your festival makeup look to make the occasion memorable. Bold lips, bright shadows, and accentuated cheekbones are all ways to show off your beauty at your subsequent celebrations. We've put together a list of 15 Indian festive makeup tutorial to test ahead

  1. Go for soft shades on pastels -- Softly sculpted cheekbones, luminous skin, and a smattering of winged eyeliner are included in your Indian festive makeup tutorial, especially if you're dressed up in pastels for the occasion.

  1. Vibrant pink -- This tempting shade of pink shines out against all skin tones and looks beautiful in any season. To follow the Indian festive makeup tutorial, apply a few coats of mascara and a sheer blush to the apples of the cheekbones.

  1. Neon makeup -- If you're into colour, neon green eyeshadow combined with glossy lips is the perfect way to go. Have fun generating your lines and forms, the more abstract, the better.

  1. Metallics -- On festive occasions, silvery, metallic makeup is one way to make a statement. Whether you're going on a daytime expedition or a festive dinner, one thing is sure: your makeup will be flawless.

  1. Glitter on diamonds -- Make your following Indian festive makeup look glitter. Using press-on gems on your lids can elevate your cosmetic look and leave a long-lasting effect. The subtle shadow and neutral lips here put the front and centre of the stone.

  2. All-natural effect -- The softness of luminous skin combined with a delicate, smokey eye is excellent for festive occasions. The hues of the shadow, lips and blush work together to create a romantic beauty that could quickly become your go-to festive makeup look.

  1. Multicoloured affair -- Use as many coloured eye shadows as you want—the contrast between these tones is perfect for enhancing your lids. 

  1. The 90's look -- The matte eyeshadow, nude lips, and matte skin in this look are a true throwback to 1990s supermodel makeup. Glow in soft hues of blush and light eye pencil with it. 

  1. Monochromatic look -- Monochromatic rose hues on the eyes, cheeks, and lips provide excellent festive makeup inspiration.

  1. The chrome splash -- On the lids try a chromatic splash of colour. The blue and purple tones blend seamlessly to offer just the right amount of pop!

  1. Violet introduction -- A violet metallic smoky eye takes on a new colour twist, perfect for any special festive look you may have planned.

  1. Sharp wings -- Sharp wings on the eyes can cut directly to the heart of the matter. An ethereal equilibrium is created with soft lips and smokey, sparkly lids with a touch of gloss on each.

  1. Cranberry crease -- The cranberry-coloured shadow and eyeliner adds a unique touch to the traditional pink. When coupled with fluffy brows, sculpted skin, and nude lips, this makeup look is appropriate for any occasion.

  1. Fresh and natural -- Fresh skin and neutral pink lips are fantastic, especially for festivals where you want to keep your makeup natural.

  2. All blushed look -- On any occasion, a good application of blush, glossed-up lips, and copious amounts of mascara are a winning combo.

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