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See, I have been searching for over 4 months now for a bin to keep in my room. Something inconspicuous and not too pricey (all I wanted was a small one to throw used cotton swabs, bits of paper etc..). And I hunted lots of places for it, only to find bright plastic ones with flashy flowers and what not printed on it or corporate looking steel ones that were a tad too big for my purpose. I finally gave up today and made myself one today. After getting frustrated you find ways to improvise. I found my inspiration on Pinterest :)
15 minutes and you are done. Seriously! (atleast if your container is not too big).

You will need:

  • Any container/old jar (mine was a trasparent plastic one)
  • Rope (make sure you have plenty enough to cover the container)
  • Superglue/Dendrite or a Glue gun
  • Scissors

What to do:
Take your container and cover it with the glue (do not use won't work). Start wrapping the rope from the top all around the container. Wrap it tight and try not to leave any gaps between the wraps. When you reach the bottom, cut off the excess rope (glue the ends securely) and let your container dry for an hour or two. Aaaaand you are done! Super simple na? 

It is such a great way to use old jars. This was my first attempt and I am hooked on to it. (thinking of painting the inside in some pretty colour). Definitely making some more for the bathroom counter and for the desk as well. I think it will be great to try out different kinds of rope as well.. maybe the white thick ones...or alternating between two colours or perhaps an ombre effect? I am quite excited to try all variations out! 
It is so inexpensive and an awesome way to recycle old jars. 

I am happy with the way my small waste basket turned out. Discreet and rustic pretty :) What do you think?

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