Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum : Review

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I started using hair serums when I was in college. Hostel life and hectic schedules take a toll on you. I didn't get enough time to oil my hair and they were being washed very frequently. It didn't take my hair long to reduce to half its thickness and become frizzy and dry. It was then that I needed some extra products to take care of whatever I had left. I tried on a few serums before I found this one I love so much now. 

Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Serum Review

It comes in a golden plastic bottle with a flip top cap. The bottle is sturdy but I did find that the product leaks ever so slightly while traveling so I have to make sure that this is kept upright. The quantity you quite good and a bottle will last you a long time.

Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Serum Review

Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Serum Review

The serum is trasparent and fluid. A lightweight oil like but non greasy. It glides on smoothly when applied and gets absorbed quickly. As with most of the serums, this too is applied only to the lengths avoiding the roots and scalp. It can be applied on wet and dry hair. I love the fragrance! It is mild and pleasant. I cannot describe it exactly but it smells great!

Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Serum Review

Price: 240INR for 100ml  Available here

I only need a small amount for my medium length hair. Usually I apply a tiny amount on freshly shampooed wet hair to get rid of the tangles. This minimizes breakage along with locking some moisture in and I apply a bit more on dried hair later. The serum also comes in handy on dry hair while styling them. It is extremely light weight and does not weigh down the hair. It does make my hair very smooth, gives a good shine and controls the frizz to a great extent (I cannot say how it will fare on extremely frizzy hair. My hair is slightly wavy with medium frizziness and it works fine for me).

Overall, if you are on a budget and want to try out a good serum for making hair smoother and shinier and more managable, you must check this one out. If you have very very frizzy hair then you should probably get something stronger. I am on my 3rd bottle and I really like this one :)

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