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Erich Segal never fails to impress me with most of his stories. He is one author who can bring out emotions so well. If you have been following our reviews here, you will know how much I love Doctors (reviewed here). Man Woman and Child is another book of his that would be in my favourites list.
The story of Man Woman and Child is based on infidelity, which is sadly becoming so common in today’s world. A beautiful family, a loving husband and two wonderful daughters…Sheila has it all. The perfect marriage. Until, Sheila gets to know that Bob had been unfaithful to her once, 10 years ago on a business trip to France and has fathered a child. Now, Bob faces the challenge of telling his wife about the affair and a son who never existed for him before this and how Sheila has to set aside her anger and let Bob’s son be a part of her family… even though she knows very well that the boy is the image of everything which is threatening to break up their marriage and family. “A marriage that must stand the greatest test of all”.     

As a reader, you cannot blame Sheila for her feelings and actions. I think that is how anyone who has been betrayed by the person they love would feel. But none of us are perfect and we learn to be strong and forgive. We learn to love again. A strong relationship and marriage needs strong commitments and as you read on, you will see how infidelity has some really profound effects on their marriage. Human weaknesses, which are avoidable but are committed nevertheless and then regretted all life. Sheila fears losing Bob over the mistakes of the past. It is so touching to see something so tragic testing the love of the woman for her man. Will Bob and Shelia be able to realize that without each other, they will never be complete?    
Man Woman and Child is not a fairy tale story that one sees only in books. It is something that happens every day around us. The book beautifully captures all emotions – the guilt and regret of the husband, Shelia’s feeling of betrayal, wondering where she went wrong that drove her husband to another woman and the heart wrenching sorrows of the child, who has no one to go to and would do anything to please his father.    
A story of love, forgiveness, compromise and acceptance – Man Woman and Child is a great quick read. Totally recommended!
Have you read it? What are your thoughts?

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