Flighty Fashion: Take Off In Style & Comfort

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One of the best things about a holiday is the excuse to invest in a brand new summer wardrobe. However, while most of us have no problem stockpiling sandals, sunglasses, sarongs and swimming costumes for the pool or beach, we often neglect to plan the travel attire that will actually get us there.

Choosing clothes that are both airport-friendly and aeroplane-friendly is important to ensure you start and end your trip on a high. With long queues, cramped seats and security scanners an inevitable part of most people’s travels, it’s worth making the effort to dress appropriately.

Head to toe, here are some top tips to ensure you take-off in style and comfort:

Let your hair down

With artificial controlled temperatures and low moisture levels, air travel can often leave our hair looking a little worse for wear. Tie your hair up to prevent knotting and tangling – topknots and low-side ponytails both comfortable and practical options for a low maintenance in-flight hair-do. If you’d prefer to wear your hair loose, cotton headbands look great and will help keep your hair off your face.

Eau de detergent

It’s often tempting to drench ourselves in the high-end perfume samples from airport duty-free, but be warned. The closed, cramped conditions of an aeroplane mean scents are intensified, and just because you love that fruity new Dior perfume, doesn’t mean your neighbour will. Be considerate of others tastes and possible allergies – asthma sufferers in particular will be highly sensitive to anything floating in the already recycled stale plane air. Instead, get a load of laundry on before you leave. When your clothes are freshly washed, you can be confident that laundry detergent alone is enough to keep you naturally smelling as pleasant as any posh perfume. Just remember to read the instructions on the care label and on your detergent to ensure you wash your new summer wardrobe correctly – and don’t be afraid to seek tips online about laundry for difficult fabrics.

Breathe deep

When travelling it’s important to let your skin breathe. Stick to items made from breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk. Choose simple, loose-fitting cuts that are flattering but not constricting; linen trousers and maxi-dresses are both sophisticated and suitable for flying. Light-weight fabrics will pack down neatly in your suitcase and are also useful when it comes to doing your laundry as they’re easy to wash and will dry quickly.

Layer up

One of the more difficult things to consider when dressing for travel are the varying temperatures you will experience. Air-conditioned airports and aeroplanes can often be chilly, while stuffy queues and exotic climates can often have you breaking into a sweat before you’ve even stepped outside. Layering garments is not only the most effective way to keep warm, but will also mean you can strip off easily to cool down. Lightweight jackets and cardigans can be tied around your waist, while pashminas are an elegant way to accessorise your outfit and keep warm – even doubling-up as a blanket if need be!

Ditch the bling

Accessories such as belts and jewellery might be part of your everyday wardrobe, but when travelling abroad, it’s best to ditch anything that’s likely to irritate the skin – or, more annoyingly, set off the security scanner. No matter how stylish your outfit, stripping off in front of an impatient queue is never going to make you popular, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and bother by keeping it simple in the first place. It’s best to steer clear of anything that contains metal, steering clear of any clasps, zippers, and even under-wired bras – now that would be embarrassing to remove later.

Put a sock in it

If you really can’t bear to part from your beloved flip-flops, pack a pair of socks so that if you are forced to remove your shoes, you’ll have something to pop on as you walk through security. Spare socks will also come in extremely handy in-flight when all you want to do is curl up and have a little snooze with your shoes off.  Always choose a pair of shoes that you are comfortable in as you could end up on your feet and walking miles between terminals and boarding gates. We recommend cute slip-on pumps or espadrilles. Avoid high heels at all costs, not only are they highly unpractical but they’re also to blame for a number of medical problems such as chronic foot pain and hammer toe.

Ultimately, though, travel is all about having fun and embarking on an adventure, so don’t be afraid to mix up your wardrobe and try something a little different! Let us know what tried-and-tested outfits you travel in in the comments below, and have a great holiday!

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