The 5 Minute Nail Art, since I was bored :D

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I am posting a nail art after a really long time. As I have mentioned eariler, I go through these phases of loving nail art to periods of not bothering with it at all. Weird me :P
So, yesterday night I was trying out a new polish shade and I thought why not do something more. You must have seen a photo of this on Instagram earlier today (if you follow us there). 

This design is super simple and can be done free hand in 5 minutes flat! And it looks super cute too!!
I have used Lakme 9 to5 Pink Profit as the base colour. Make triangles in black and white, add some black dots and a glitter nail accent - Maybelline Glitter Mania in Pink Champagne. Finish off with a top coat (mine got over so I skipped the step) and you are done!

P.S. As suggested by my roomie, a black nail accent would look super good too! Try it :)

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