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Sometimes, the timings are just perfect. If you read C&D regularly, you would know that I was having such a hectic schedule over the last couple of weeks...coming back at 1 in the night everyday and working on weekends as well. So when I got a chance to review the Bodycraft Spa and Salon last week, I couldn't have been more excited! 
Let me just get into telling you about the amazing experience I had without much blabbering :)

Bodycraft Salon and Spa Bangalore, Bodycraft Salon and Spa Bangalore review

Before I say anything, I would really like to thank Mila who was very considerate and planned things keeping my schedule in mind. And a big thank you to the manager of the Bodycraft Spa and Salon, Frazer town (Bangalore), Jalaja, who was so attentive and warm and cordial. She really made me feel at ease :)

Coming back, I chose the Bodycraft Frazer Town, Bangalore branch. It is near to where I live and I am so glad that I found a fantastic place so close by! To make this review easier, let us go point wise ok?

Bodycraft Salon and Spa Bangalore, Bodycraft Salon and Spa Bangalore review

Welcome and Decor : 
The first thing I couldn't help but notice, was the big white building, so artistically designed! (I totally forgot to take a photo of it, but I will soon and update this post). The building is really different and pretty! When I walked in the doors, I realised for the first time, that the place was huge and so spacious. (I have crossed the building so many times, but I never imaged the place to be so huge). The ground floor had the salon area, where peppy music kept things very lively.
Jalaja greeted me at the reception and I was made to sit for a little while in the lounge area after which I was escorted to the first floor which was the spa section. Now this floor, was very peaceful and serene which is just what I needed to set the mood. The fragrance, candles and the calm decor, all gave a very peaceful feeling. 

Bodycraft Salon and Spa Bangalore, Bodycraft Salon and Spa Bangalore review

Comfort : 
I was taken to my room once my therapist was ready and was given a brochure to choose one from a variety of services. Now, you know how much I love a good massage after a brief chat with the therapist, we settled that the Traditional Indian massage would be best for me. Each room is softly lit and room lockers are available where you can keep your belongings safe. 
One thing that I missed having was soft music in the background. I think that would have added a lot to the whole experience.

Bodycraft Salon and Spa Bangalore, Bodycraft Salon and Spa Bangalore review
Loved this ceiling light

Hygiene :
You are provided with a set of disposable undergarments and fresh towels, which is very convenient. The massage bed is covered with clean disposbale sheet as well. Plus every room has an attached shower cubicle with clean towels, shampoo and bodywash.

Bodycraft Salon and Spa Bangalore, Bodycraft Salon and Spa Bangalore review
And this chair! 

Therapy : 
  • The traditional Indian massage is available with 3 different oils, I chose almond oil since my skin was super dry due to the weather. Amita, my therapist, started by cleaning my feet with warm towels and then proceeded with the massage with warm oil. I must say that the warmed oil combined with the gentle pressure and massage felt so heavenly! The whole time Amita was very attentive, asking about the level of pressure and comfort.
  • Another good thing was the additional towel provided which the therapist used to cover up body parts that she was not working on at that moment. It made sure I felt very comfortable about my privacyI totally fell asleep in 10 minutes and after a very relaxing one hour session I went in the bathroom cubicle for a 15 minutes steam. The steam made all the oil seep into the skin and made my skin so soft and glow-y! I had a quick bath, a hot cup of tea and walked out totally refreshed!

This was followed by a Hair Spa session. Now this is where things got a bit more interesting. 
  • Firstly I was taken in for scalp and hair analysis. I had never got one done before and was a bit apprehensive but turns out that my scalp was in good condition. 
  • After analyzing my hair, Elizabeth, the trained professional, suggested the Alchemy hair spa by SP (System Professional). Unlike other hair spas, SP Alchemy Treatment does not have a pre-set menu of services. The treatment is personalized and a tailor-made formula is created to address your unique set of multiple needs. 
  • My scalp was washed with the SP Balance Scalp shampoo followed by the Hydrate shampoo for my hair. 
  • I was then taken to a seperate section, where a Balance Scalp Mask was applied on my scalp and the Hydrate Mask was applied along the lengths of my hair. Told you, tailor made treatment accroding to hair and scalp type :)
  • A 15 minute massage was followed with hot towel wraps and a hair rinse. 
  • Since I am having terrible hairfall issues, Elizabeth applied an Energy Serum on the scalp (which helps control hairfall)
  • She semi-dryed my hair and I was left with amazingly smooth and shiny hair! I just could not stop from running my hands through it again and again :D 

Price Range :
The therapies are priced quite reasonably, compared to most of the other spas. Bodycraft also offers Pre-Bridal treatments & Bridal Packages and other attractive combos and special offers like:
* Club Card -  25-30% discounts on the entire range of services (can be shared with family).
* Spa Card -  40% (for 3 months) and 50% (for 6 months) discounts on spa services
* Men's Club - Special package with faical therapy (with back massage and protein pack), scalp massage, haircut and shave. 
* Head to Toe Indulgence - Compete day of indulgence and rejuvenation.

They also have an Expert Skin Clinic that offers services like - Laser hair reduction, Chemical peels. Botox filler, frational resurfacing, Hair loss reduction and Radiosurgery

curiosanddreams, curiosanddreams spa review, bodycraft spa review,
And of course there has to be a selfie after a wonderful session! 

"For over 17 years now, Bodycraft Spa & Salon is Bangalore’s most known and trusted destination for cutting-edge styling, hair and skin care, and wellness services. Over the past years Bodycraft has expanded into different geographies in Bangalore and is present across 5 locations in Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Fraser Town, Whitefield and Sadashivanagar.
Under the tutelage of Manjul Gupta, a protégé of the legendary Shehnaz Hussain and a beauty care professional of 26 years, Bodycraft has grown rapidly in terms of range of services as well as infrastructure since its inception in 1997.

We provide offerings across the following service lines: Spa & Wellness, Salon & Styling, Skin Care, Personal Grooming and Bridals in association with many international brands such as Sebastian Professional, Wella, Dermalogica, Ainhoa etc. We also cater to advanced clinical solutions for hair and skin at the Bodycraft Hair Skin & Cosmetology Clinic.

Today, Bodycraft services over 40,000 satisfied clients across five avant-garde facilities spread over 40,000 square feet. With state of the art equipment and over 400 professionals trained by international experts from Wella, Sebastian, SP, Dermalogica, Ainhoa and EZFlow, our customers are in extremely capable hands". 

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Bodycraft. It left me super relaxed and stress free and now I all ready to take on the huge pile of work again.  I already went back this week to try a hair cut, and it turned out quite good! 
I would totally recommend you try out Bodycraft Spa and Salon ! A little bit of pamper never hurts :) :)

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