Aroma Magic Peppermint Exfol Gel : Review

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When you've been out in the sun, what can get better than applying some cooling TLC on your face? For us beauty addicts, moments like these define Nirvana. Who else is with me? :D
And today, I'm going to be sharing precisely such a product with you all. It came in my Aroma Magic haul (read more on that here), and I've used it countless times in the past month. Believe me ladies, it is a product worth sharing!

Aroma Magic Peppermint Exfol Gel review

The baby pink gel is packaged in a soft tube with cute floral designs on it. The screw on cap is tight and provides for a no-mess plus point, which means it's safe for travelling.

Aroma Magic Peppermint Exfol Gel review

The product itself is a thick gel, but spreads easily. It carries a burst of pepperminty aroma, and the smell lingers for a while, which I adore in the summers! But the best part is how easy your routine becomes with it. Apply a thin layer all over, let it sit, and it sinks somewhat into your skin. There's a non-sticky layer left on your skin too, which imbibes water when you splash your face.

Aroma Magic Peppermint Exfol Gel review

This product does make your skin look clearer, but I like to add "my own twistso here's a tip. While applying the gel I massage my face gently for a couple of minutes as the texture provides the perfect slip. Even when it dries and you're ready to take it off, dampen your face and repeat the massage before washing. The results are so much better and brighter and the massage boosts your skin simultaneously :)
Hydration properties are mild, and I always follow up with my moisturiser.

Now coming to the part where it fails spectaculary - exfoliating. No particles means no scrubbing, and if you bought it for treating blackheads, or flakiness, it will leave you so sad. I know the claims are of gently dissolving all impurities, but it's not enough for anybody. So make sure you don't substitute it for your regular scrub.

Price : 140 INR 

I wish Aroma Magic marketed it as a cooling and brightening treatment instead of an exfol gel. Judging by it's name, it's an epic fail. But those of you looking for minty treats for your body can invest in this one. Also, if you find massage creams too rich, this gel could be your alternative.
Do gel type face packs get you going?


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