Hooked Onto #12 :)

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It has been such a long time since a last Hooked Onto post...but since many of you loved them and have requested them time and again...here I am with another one (and this time I will be very regular...promise!)
Here's what I have been loving lately :

1) Chumbak Sunglass Case
Okay, so a few months back Chumbak had this super awesome "Scratch and Dent" sale at there store here in Bangalore, and I absolutely raided it :D
One of the many fabulous buys, was this quriky sunglass case, which I have been using consistently over a long time now and I love it!

2) Retro Glasses
And ofcourse, you need some new sunglasses to fill in a new case. I put my old rectangular frames and aviators to rest when I came across this super cool round ones in Forever 21 (I was on a big hunt for round ones since ages and this one fit the requirements perfectly!). Now I do not care whether I have the face type to carry the shape or not...I know this, I am super happy whenever I have them on! Mission Accomplished :D

3) Sleek Oh-so-Special Palette
This has all the colors I need for any occasion! Plus is is actually super sleek to carry around. Been loving it a lot! Full review and swatches Here :)

4) Cookies
Everytime I go to the supermarket, the biscuit section is flooded with sooo many new varieties of cookies! It is seriously a tough task picking one :D Ofcourse, when Smriti is around, I happily gorge on her super yummy chocolate cookies.
But, Nutrichoice Heavens - Banana & Oats and the Good Day Chunkies are for now, my favourites. You have to try them out! Seriously! And they make for very nice midnight munchies :D

So here is my list for this month. What have you been liking recently? 

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