L'Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick Aphrodite Scarlet : Review

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Continuing with the Spring/Summer posts, I've got a wonderful lip colour for you all today! No doubt you've already read raves of this one before as it has been in the market for quite a while now, but I felt this is the most season appropriate shade I own, that I haven't shared on the blog yet! Read on to see some juicy swatches below :D

The Rouge Caresse range claims to provide a
Flutter of kissable soft colour. It's delicate texture glides onto the lips creating a veil of colour with luminous shine. It adds a desirable pop of colour with a meltingly soft application.
I believe Aphrodite Scarlet was the most popular shade of all the Rouge Caresse lipsticks, and rightly so! The sheer coral reddish-pink is such a flattering colour, I think most skin tones can carry it off. It's the kind of watermelon pink that instantly brightens up the complexion, without being too loud or jazzy. It's very very summer appropriate, fresh and subtly popping without being gaudy.

Texture wise, I wouldn't call them creamy or balmy. They haven't got the slip of gel based lipsticks like the LipHugs, or the Gloss Addicts. Neither are they buttery like the Moisture Extreme cream lipsticks. Comparitively, the Rouge Caresse lipstick bullets are drier and feel more compacted.

Nevertheless, they do not tug and leave behind the most beautiful tint on your lips! It looks almost watery, to be honest! (this has to be the most confusing description of lipstick texture in the history of this blog!!!)The shimmers in the bullet do not translate onto the lips, leaving behind just a glossy hydrated pout. The rouge caresse lipsticks are so lightweight, I'm amazed! It's like you've got nothing on!

The above swatches are the ones taken using my camera. Somehow, the colour wasn't showing up too well in these shots. In person, the shade is slightly more vibrant, instead of looking so sheer. I tried taking a few pics using my phone, shown below, and the colour turned out truer. Yay!

All in all, an extremely satisfying product. It doesn't look like lipstick, doesn't feel sticky like a gloss, and gives a natural flush to your lips. A friend of mine actually thought my lips were naturally so gorgeous looking, and I didn't let her know that I had Aphrodite Scarlet on! Sneaky me :P

And oh, the name! I wouldn't be surprised if the Goddess of Love herself mixed this shade and wore it. This shade is so feminine, so delicate, and the formula has that sheer luminosity... everything comes together to make Aphrodite Scarlet a truly enticing shade to wear on your lips!

Price : 599 INR for 2.5g


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