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So, I debated if I should write this post or not. For a long time I believed that no one would really want to know random things having to do with me. The idea of doing this post came again last week and I had to pen it down. I thought it might make a fun read for anyone who would like to know me a little more & it was a nice change for me from writing all the review posts.
I have always enjoyed reading such posts about my favourite content creators.

Please do mention some random things about yourself in the comments below and let us get to know each other better, shall we? :)

Random Facts About Me

1. I always had my hair in a braid till the 12th grade. Always! School = braid, parties = braid, sleeping = braid ... all day long.

2. I got a pet parrot (did not buy him of course, he's a rescue one) when was in the 6th grade & well, I have been in love with him ever since. He is the cutest most handsome parrot in my opinion. He is also quite picky and  of gets scared of most things.

3. I  did not really use creams or skincare products (moisturizer, sunscreen etc.) all my school life...I know! Esssshk! Although I loved and enjoyed using homemade masks a lot!

4. My first makeup products were a clear lip gloss and a liquid liner from Lakme and for a long time that was all there was in my makeup kit.

5. I was majorly into brown lipsticks for a very long time. My first ever lipstick was a brown lipstick. I don't know what I was thinking! Until, Smriti forced me to try out other colors! There has been no looking back since then.

6. I have weird preferences when it comes to eating non-vegetarian food. So, I like chicken tikka but cannot however have homemade chicken or Indian non-vegetarian gravies. I often tend to lock myself in a room if fish or prawns are being cooked in the house. I dislike the smell and won't ever be caught eating anything from the fish category.

7.  I absolutely love paneer, dark chocolate, pizza, cold coffee, caramel popcorn and eggs. and I am very particular about how each of these should be.

8. I can eat an english breakfast 3 times a day, 7 days a week! bring on the eggs, baked beans & mashed potatoes!

9. I love wearing t shirts from the mens section. I like the looser baggy silhouette and the face that they do not have butterflies, cupcakes or unicorns printed on them.

10. My wardrobe is dominated by neutral colours. Navy, black, white, brown and beige - I love them! There are a few pops fo colour here and there though.

11. Visiting a beauty/makeup store uplifts my mood on a bad day a lot. I find it strangely therapeutic! It's probably a bit weird, I know.

12. Coffee Ice Cream is the best ice cream, in my opinion.

13. I am not a morning person. Have tried to be, haven't succeeded so far.

14. But if anything could willingly wake me up at 5 am in the morning, it would be swimming!

15. I cannot tolerate carbonated beverages. They make me nauseous.

16. F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Pizza is one of my preferred ways to unwind at the end of the day.

17. I don't think I have a center of balance in my body. I have the wondrous ability to fall anytime anywhere, even while walking on a straight road.

18. Ryan Renolds is just..oh so wow! And Ryan Gosling too.

19. I need/prefer a blanket over me when I am sleeping (thick or thin) be it cold or hot. And 2 pillows. I mean, I can sleep otherwise but I will love it more if I had the above said things.

20. I can never sneeze loudly with my mouth open. Most people find my sneezes funny. And I am prone to sneezing for a while every morning after brushing & washing my face.

21. I am a big fan of animated movies. Some people say I am still 12 years old.

22. I also really love watching science fiction, superhero movies, horror & thrillers (Star Wars, Marvel or DC movies, aliens... You get the drift right?)

23. Flying cockroaches scare me to death! I go under covers, literally. I also go through a lot of effort trying to keep lizards out of the house.

24. I can fall asleep in 5 minutes after tucking in. And I can sleep whenever. Sleeping is the best :D

25. I love dainty jewelery. And it's weird - I love buying them, but then I don't wear them much.  I however cannot do without a watch. Must wear a watch.

26. My usual response to anything new is No. I am not a fan of trying out new things.

27. I am also not big on socializing. I like my own company and the company of a few who are near and dear to me.

28. Out of the 10 different things in my wardrobe, I will find that 1 comfy trouser and a comfy kurta and wear them to death, so much so that people will threaten to stop going out with me if they ever see me in them again.

29. I hate being in front of the camera. Why must people always insist on clicking so many photos!

30. A traditional oil head massage, a pedicure and a good warm oil body massage can make me agree to almost anything. :P

So, that's all for now. I would love to know more about you guys too, so leave some facts in the comments below :)


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