Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick, 1 2 3 Soleil : Review & LOTD

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Coral! What an incredibly pretty color. Don't you think so too? A good coral lip is one of my weaknesses (not to mention a good pink and a rich red..I have many weaknesses okay!)

So, I had not tried anything from Bourjois so far, pretty weird right? The brand has some really good products. The other day I thought I might as well get something from them. I landed with the Shine Edition Lipstick in 1,2,3 Soleil....(not very surprised. I am quite a bit into lip colors off late)

A new generation formula that brings shine, color and comfort to your lips. An ultra-shine result, thanks to a new ¼ gloss extract for amazing shine-wrapped colour. The new sensuous formula gives ultimate comfort. Enriched with nourishing mango butter extracts, Shine Edition leaves lips moisturized for up to 10 hrs**. Its rich and melting formula provides cushion comfort and makes application addictive! And the icing on the cake…It’s shiny, colored packaging makes Shine Edition lipstick a true fashion accessory.”

The highly refecltive mirrored tube is sure to catch your eye. I like it a lot, the only downside being, it gets scratched super easily (mine is already covered in them). You can see the shade below which is helpful. If you have seen the other shades too, you know that these tubes look super fun and cute with the pastel accents!

Texture is absolutely heavenly. It certainly lives up to all the claims. The formula is very moisturising. It is as comfortable as wearing a lip balm. It feels light, glides on smoothly and keep the lips feeling soft and hydrated. Pigmentation is good too. You can wear it semi-sheer or 2 swipes will give you opaque coverage. It lasts around 3-4 hours (depending on your snacking frequency) and leaves a faint stain behind.

1,2,3 Soleil (love the name...1,2,3, SUN! Quite apt!) is a gorgeous coral. It has slight orange undertones to it. The color screams summer, don't you think so too? I have been loving it a lot over the past few months. There is no shimmer. It would suit most skin tones well. This and a pretty pink and summer is sorted! :D
(The last coral I absolutely loved was this one by Lakme).

Here's how it looks on my lips (wearing 2 coats) :

Price : 955 INR for 3g (keep an eye for online discounts)

Yes, the price is a bit of a bummer. I mean, you can obviously invest a bit more and get yourself a MAC lippie! Other than that, the formula of these is just lovely, plus the packaging *love* 1,2,3 is a pretty summery coral color which would look good on most skintones. Not a must buy, but do check it out if you feel like indulging a bit :)
I think I am going to succumb and get Rose xoxo next! *something save me from temptation!*

Do you like wearing coral? Have you tried the Shine Edition lipsticks? Also, I am looking into trying more from Bourjois & would love some recommendations. Let me know in the comments below :)

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