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You know sometimes when you come back home after a long day of work/shopping and you have been walking and running around all day?  Your feet are quivering due to tiredness? And all you want to do is just put them up and rest? 
You know how parents used to tell us to soak our legs in some warm salt water before? Remember doing that growing up? It did take the pain to a much lower level, didn't it? 
This is stepping up the process to a new level! 
I have been using the Scholl Refreshing Foot Soak for quite some years now (on and off) and while there are quite a few fancy foot soaks out there, I come back to this one the most. 

Scholl Refreshing Foot Soak Review

Reason being's one of the most affordable. And at the rate at which I need feet soaking, I need an economical option in my stash :D

Packaged in a trasparent plastic tube with a flip top cap, it is stored easily in the bath kit. It hasn't leaked so far, I havn't travelled with it though.

The gel itself is light blue, smells sort of lemony and refreshing. It foams up lightly too. I add about a cap full to half a bucket/tub of luke warm water. I am not exaggerating, it does relax my aching feet (though even plain warm water would do that), but gives a very fresh (slightly tingly) feeling. I use a pumice stone afterwards or the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi and hello fresh, squeaky clean feet! :)

Follow it up with a good foot cream (again I quite like the Scholl Foot and Nail Cream), put on comfy socks and done!

Price : 150 INR for 100ml

I do recommend you to try out this one, it isn't heavy on the pocket, and does a good job of relaxing tired foot muscles. It would be a handy product to have in the monsoon as well.  You wouldn't be disappointed :)

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Do you like foot soaks? What's your favourite one?

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