Body Herbals Sensual Blackcurrant and Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub : Review

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Having skin that's dry perennially means that I have to spend some extra time taking care of it. Regular exfoliation and intensive moisturization has become a part of my weekly routine ever since I've discovered the benefits of it. Now that my awareness has increased, I've started keeping my eye out for products that make this task easier.

Sugar scrubs are widely popular as a means of keeping body skin healthy. Personally, I love them over other varieties, because there's something oddly satisfying about seeing the crystals melt onto my skin and ensuring that their job is complete!

I remember when Swati had purchased her huge jar of The Caribbean Collection Coconut & Lime sugar scrub we were all so excited and impressed, but somehow it took so long for me to buy myself my own! Here's the one I chose..

Body Herbals Sensual Blackcurrant and Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub review

Body Herbals is a new brand that combines ancient Ayurveda with modern living. This fusion of ideas has been the essence with which all their products are created. You can easily find their creations on various online stores. I'm especially happy with their pricing policy. The range won't burn a hole in your pocket, and is quite value-for-money too.

Body Herbals Sensual Blackcurrant and Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub review

The scrub is packed in a tub similar to TBS body butter ones. It is made of plastic, and has a lid which screws on tightly. Additionally, the brand has also provided a foil seal for protection, and a small wooden spoon that comes tied to the tub. Such a thoughtful gesture! Now I have no qualms about keeping the product hygienic, or accidentally dipping wet fingers into it.

Ingredients :
Xantha gum, Glycerine, Vitamin B3, Beeswax, Essential oil of vanilla, Wheatgerm oil, Sodium Chloride, Rice bran extract, Sugar, Coconut oil, Grapefruit seed oil, Blackcurrant extract, Honey, Seabuckthorn leaf extract, Potassium Sorbate, Purified Water

It isn't as grainy as I had initially expected. The one Swati had was made of bigger sugar crystals. The Body Herbals scrub has finer sugar, providing efficient exfoliation in a lesser amount of time. Also, since the grains are not big, the scrub sticks to my skin better instead of falling off and leading to wastage. The scrub contains a few beneficial oils which keep my skin smooth and soft. I do not need to use any moisturizer afterwards.

Body Herbals Sensual Blackcurrant and Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub review

The best part about this scrub is the fragrance. Blackcurrant and Vanilla! Doesn't it sound delicious? It absolutely is! It fills the entire bathroom with a sweet and heady scent which I simply adore! Sadly, the scent does not linger long on the skin, but I'm happy enough with the weekly aromatherapy baths :) Very sensual indeed!

Overall, I believe this is a product worth investing in if you have dry skin. The exfoliation is good, the ingredients natural, the price reasonable. With each use my skin feels supple and radiant.

Body Herbals Sensual Blackcurrant and Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub review

I had actually purchased two variants of this, Sensual and Fairness. The fairness one contains natural orange peel, honey and almonds, and also smells fantastic! My Nani took an immense liking to it and whisked it away before I had a chance to click pictures for a post :D I'll be sure to do that when I visit her next, so keep an eye out for that!

Price : 399 INR for 200g


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