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So you have probably read the previous post of this series here. My friend was shocked to see the number of things I usually travel with. In my opinion I travelled with bare minimum essentials.
The only fair way to settle this once and for all was to sit and compare our respective travel kits. To be honest, I secrectly feared that I might actually lose to him..but Boy, Oh Boy! as he lay down his essentials, I couldn't stop grinning :P

Travel bag, Travel kit, whats in my travel bag
To know more about the meterosexual man's travel essentials head overe HERE. 
Anyway, here's what's in my travel bag (usually) : 

Travel bag, Travel kit, whats in my travel bag

1. Shampoo
Let's just admit it. The one provided in hotels usually are bleh. So I always carry a travel size of one that I am using then. I know that it suits my hair, and I mostly go for a kind that eliminates me using a conditioner. 

2. Hair Serum
I have stopped using conditioners for a long time (except maybe once every month at max). I do love using a hair serum though. I find that they do not weigh down my hair as much. Currently using the Moroccon Oil (which btw, smells Oh So Amazing!). Any travel sized version works for me. 

3. Rose Water
My love for rose water is eternal. Nothing replaces this! Ever. The one by Kama Ayurveda is just brilliant. Use it as a facial mist, use it as a toner. It just helps keep my skin fine. 

4. Face Cleanser/Face Wash
Again, I generally pack in the one I am using that time. But, I often travel with this little pot of the Kama Ayurveda Mridul Cleanser. It is one of my all time favourites. Plus it also doubles up as a face mask mixed with the rose water, if your skin is acting up with all the travelling. Win Win! 

5. Day Moisturizer
I decant a little bit of my daily moistutrizer into a small jar. Off late, I have been really liking lacto calamine (suits my oily-senstivie skin). 

6. Cotton Pads
Essential to take off makeup at the end of the day. Can't do without. not much explanation needed. 

7. Night Moisturizer
To keep something more hydrating is always a good idea. You don't know what changes your skin might face at a new place. I really like the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. 

8. Facial Oil
This one changes according to the skin condition too. I carry a small sample sized jar. Clarins Lotus oil is always a good choice, helps keep those pesky breakouts at bay. Night time skincare sorted. 

9. Make-up Remover
Never sleep with your makeup on! Never! Trying out this one by Clarins off late, quite good! Clinique and Maybelline are also my favourites.

10. Tinted Lip Balm
Always have a tinted lip balm. Throw one on your hadbag, it saves the day when you don't have lipstick on. Baby Lips are an all time favourtie! 

11. BB Cream
I love the Ponds BB cream. Gives a decent amout of coverage plus has SPF. Sorted!

12. Lip Balm
You must be wondering...another lipbalm? But this is the nontinted one, superbly hydrating and reserved especially for night. The Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is fantastic! This tiny tub always goes with me everywhere. Morever, it isn't just for lips. Use it on any dry patches, cuticels...such a multipurpose product.

13. Perfume
You would obviously want to always smell good yeah? It is a good idea to throw a travel sized bottle of one of your fragrances instead of risking travelling with a full sized bottle. I really like Zara Black Amber. 

13 items all together. Not too bad eh?  I'd say it is quite minimum! 

Travel bag, Travel kit, whats in my travel bag

Okay, so makeup comes next. For obvious reasons, this is not to be compated with the Gentleman's Travel Kit. I know many of you would like to know about what makeup I usually carry, so this is included for you :)

1. Lip Colors
I carry an everyday pink, an orange and a red. No point travelling with 10 different lipsticks, there is no way you need so many.

2. Tinted Lip Balm
I have already spoken about it above.

3. Blotting sheets
Quite a saviour these are! Get your face all matte again in 5 seconds, without disturbing your makeup! No one wants to look like a shiny discoball in photos/meetings.

4. Mascara
I thought I would be "I can't leave the house without kajal" kinda girl. Turns out that I would rather always stick to mascara. Makes you look awake in a few swishes! Can't do without one.

5. Kajal
But, I do need to keep a kajal handy. Use it as a kohl or an eyeliner. Sometimes all you need is kajal and tinted lip balm :)

6. Tweezers
It comes in handy to keep those brows groomed (sometimes the lip whiskers :P)

7. Blush
That soft flush of color is never a bad idea. I really like this one by L'Oreal. The color goes with almost anything. The brush is decent (I don't need to carry an extra) and it has a small mirror.

8. Eyelash Curler
Often referred to as a tool of torture by the opposite gender, it actually does such a wonderful job of lifting those lashes. I love using it! One of my favourite makeup tools.

9. Brown Eyeshadow
A matte brown shadow is brilliant to keep. Use it to define your crease, use it to fill yoru brows, use it on your lower lashline for a soft smoky effect. See? Keep one!

That sums up my travel kit! I pack skincare and makeup in seperate bags. Some colors and products do change depending on what I am loving at that moment. But this is the usual list I stick to. Over the years I have learnt that travelling light is always better than stuffing in stuff that you won't end up using at all. I know the temptation to keep this and to keep that too...but you know you don't need that many things. 

What's in your travel bag? Let us know in the comments below! 
Also, did you like this comparison post? Would you like to read some more? 

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