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Winter is just lovely! But it sure does bring with itself a few problems, one of them including dry lips. And with the matte lip trend going around, dry lips are just around the corner all the time. So, when TBS was having a 30% off on their site, I decided to get a few of my all time favourites and then came across the Lip Scuff. Since I had never tried a proper lip scrub before (I usually stick to diy kinds. Check our recipe here) I thought why not! Read on! 

The Body Shop Lip Scuff, The Body Shop Lip Scuff review

It comes packed like a lipstick which makes it very easy to use and convenient to carry around as well. The product itself is a light green one, with tiny granules in there. TBS suggests applying this over the lips, rubbing them together to scrub and wiping the residue with a tissue.

The Body Shop Lip Scuff, The Body Shop Lip Scuff review

While I did try the suggested way, I find it more effective to apply it and then use my fingers to scrub a little, finally wiping if off with tissue. Always follow a lip scrub with a noursihing lip balm! Teh exfolationg granules aren't too scruffy and provide gentle exfoliation. The scrub is minty, which is quite pleasant to use. On the downside, I am pretty sure that this wouldn't last too long. 

The Body Shop Lip Scuff, The Body Shop Lip Scuff review

Price : 700 INR for 2.5g

Overall, it was certainly fun to use the lip scrub. And it does work well. But I can get the same results from using an old toothbrush, some honey and sugar too. I do not see myself repurchasing this one. It is on the pricey side and it gets over way too soon. 

Do you like using lip scrubs? Any recommendations? 


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