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I've slowly grown to become a perfume addict. I'm going to blame the city weather, hot and humid all year round, that makes me a miserable sweaty human. With 8 hours of running around in the hospital, sans A/C FYI, I need all the help that a fragrant spritz can provide me with!

And it so happens that I've got the perfect solution; a splash of freshness to rejuvenate your senses, Chic, my all time favourite budget summer fragrance (repurchase guaranteed)!

"Nothing smells fresh like this beautiful concoction of cedar and amber infused with bamboo and white rose. The cherry on top of this sundae is the 'oh-so-appealing' aroma of green apple, wild hyacinth and jasmine. Treat your senses with a bottle of Chic. Celebrate being you."
 When I was in my late teens, aquatic scents were my dream, but now I seem to lean more towards florals. Still, my taste is tempered by my original liking and I avidly avoid anything that smells too sweet, so Chic with its florals balanced by incredibly fresh notes hits all the check-marks for me.

This fragrance is a blend of 3 top notes, middle notes, and base notes each. The packaging, quite kindly, mentions them all, and I really appreciate it. No more of browsing through Fragrantica to hunt down the notes my nose seems to delight over!

Top notes : Cedar, Wild Hyacinth, Green Apple
Middle notes : Jasmine, Bamboo, White Rose
Base notes : Cedar, White Musk, Amber

The sturdy glass bottle screams easy packaging, but the beautiful green liquid inside (much like Reebok's Reefresh, a floral green) makes up for it. The spray nozzle is also not the finest in the market, it does not produce a mist that I would have preferred but for the price, I can happily overlook these flaws as the perfume in itself is incredible.

Chic opens with an unmistakable crispness, no doubt from the green apple, and a very green but sweet note from the hyacinth. Immediately it conjures up visions of mountain trails with clear brooks sloshing merrily over the rocks. Then the heart of the perfume slowly blooms with an airy sweetness of rose and hints of jasmine, headier and more sensual. The earthiness of bamboo subtly grounds these floral accords, keeping the perfume balanced. The star of this blend for me, however, has to be cedar, beautifully reflected in the top notes as well as the base. It's probably why I associate Chic with mountains in the spring-time! The warm simplicity of cedar is something I cherish in the dry down. Honestly, if I could get a pure cedar fragrance I would, but here, with amber and musk to compliment it, the dry down of Chic turns into a cozy skin-like scent after 6 hours of wear.

If you're looking for a new fragrance for next summer, I highly recommend you try Chic. All Good Scents offer a nice deal with their Scentbox, in which you get to pick 3 samples from a wide variety of perfumes of different olfactory families at an attractive price!

As for me, my bottle has nearly run out, so that definitely speaks of my love of this. Granted, it's not the fanciest one to adorn my collection, but the blend is fantastic and my most worn yet. Ideal for a hot summer day that allows its crisp freshness to shine, Chic is a great budget buy that will work its magic on you. Oh and also, it's the one I get the most compliments on (far more than my Guess and Versace), I guess my skin has good chemistry with these notes!

Price : 750INR for 50ml

If you're more of an oceanic-floral fragrance fan, might I suggest you give the Fijian Water Lotus a try, or if you want a light and green scent to uncomplicate your life, Green Tea is a good option. Both are from The Body Shop and have served me well in terms of longevity and sillage.
So there you go! Have fun exploring the perfume aisle this summer, and be sure to leave your recommendations below, I'd love to give your picks a sniff!

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