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Hi all!

As you all know, Swati has always always been a fan of good brows. Me? I jumped onto the bandwagon a little late; never could figure out what all the fuss was about!

For the longest time, I could not be parted from my Freedom Makeup Duo Brow Powder. I really liked how it softly defined my brows and was quick to apply. Then Swati introduced me to NYX tinted brow mascara, and I found love again! However, these two products don't work well together (my brows end up looking too dark), so once I knew what a difference setting the brow hairs into place could make, I was on the hunt for an affordable option.

And that's when I purchased this little tube of clear gel 😁

I am going to keep this review short and simple as there's not much to describe about this product.

I liked the option of having a clear mascara that could work both on the lashes as well as the brow. Wet n Wild is such an affordable brand, and ever since Nykaa made it available, I have been saving a few bucks and then some!

The Megaclear mascara is exactly what the name suggests. The consistency of this mascara is somewhat like a good-quality Aloe gel, ever-so-lightly runny, and with a slip. The applicator/spoolie that comes with it is well-suited to the eyes but big for the brows. If this were a tinted gel... I'd have a vereeerrrrrrrry messy brow indeed!

However, I think it does its job decently, and probably nourished the hairs a bit too, being fortified with Soy protein and Vitamin E. On the lashes, it just glams them up a little bit, making them look lusciously wet and intense. It doesn't clump them together, which is always appreciated. Whenever I'm in a hurry, and cannot apply my regular Lash Sensational (because God knows that's a very wet and inky formula that adds up to a hot mess when I'm rushed), I smoke up my lashline and whip this buddy out and voila! Done!

Okay, now coming to how I usually use it, as a clear brow gel, I have to say the Megaclear is not the best in the market. It is by no means near the NYX Control Freak, or the Glossier or the Bobbi Brown variants in performance, but if you're looking for a multitasker for a couple of hours, I think it fits the specs. I get a good 3 (maybe 4 if I also use a wax) hours of wear out of this one, and during those glorious moments my brows look all tame and, dare I say... perky?

So, I fill in my brows with the Freedom brow powder, and then set it with the Wet n Wild clear mascara, and that ladies is my daily brow routine (till I stumble upon something new that interests me more!).

Well, Lavie got it right after all. Fickle really is fun 😏

Price : 250 INR for 8.5 ml (available here)

I feel like everybody is a brow person nowadays, so do share your favourites down in the comments! Who knows, maybe I'll have my next love affair with your pick haha!

P.S. - We've got the Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper and the L'Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit reviewed on the blog too (told you Swati was a brow fanatic!) and I've got the new brow pomade in transit. Can't wait to test it out!

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