Christmas Nail Art (Part 2)

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I have already shared some of my favourite Christmas Manicures HERE in my last post. And these are some others too that I liked quite a lot. Take a look! 

1) The Christmas French Manicure:
I am a big fan of the french manicure! And if you aren't confortable to sport super bright colourful nails, then giving a Christmas-y twist to a french mani might just work out for you!

Christmas Nail Art, Christmas Nail Art designs

2) The Snowman Mani:
Sport a snowman! It looks very cute! (And a snowman works for all winter too..bonus!) You can choose a classic red base for a more Christmas look, or just choose a favourtite colour (like I did with pink). Throw in a candy cane nail too of you feel like it :)

Christmas Nail Art, Christmas Nail Art designs

So, that's a lot of Christmas manicures I did over the last few weeks...I am not sure what I will have on my nails on the 25th... that entirely depends on my mood, will update you.
Meanwhile, let us know the ones you liked. Go ahead and try them too! :)

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