Colour Blocked Nail Art

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You already know that I am loving colour blocking these days ('s never too late to follow a trend!). So what should one do to a 4 day old manicure that is wearing at the edges? Give yourself a colour blocking manicure of course! You get away without removing the old polish and it saves you time! Seeee! Smart and easy isn't it? Plus you get to flaunt some fancy nails! :) Win Win! 

Colour Blocked Nail Art, Geometric Nail Art design 

This nail art is pretty easy to do. Just get some complementing colours, scotch tape (if you are a beginner..I did mine freehand) and a clear top coat. Make sure you let the layers dry before you go to the top coat. And done!
Wearing Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Nail Enamel in Luscious Berry as my metallic base.

Colour Blocked Nail Art, Geometric Nail Art design

How does it look? Would you give it a try?

P.S. I am getting my old love for nail art back (I have phases of liking it and then not being too fond of it). So lookout for some more designs soon! :)

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