2013 Amazing Finds : Make-up

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I was tagged a few days back by the gorgeous Supria of Sushy Loves Blush to do this very interesting post of our most amazing finds of the year (makeup, skincare etc etc). Thank you Supriya!! :)
So here goes the first post - Makeup! I had a tough time (read 2 nights) deciding my best makeup find this year. Yes, I don't have one kind of product mainly because all these years when it came to make-up I was all about the eyes..Yes.Always. I never gave much attention to the other areas and this year I finally realised what I was missing out on. Tch!
Anyway here are my picks:

1) Blushes : Would you believe me when I said that I stayed away from blushes all these years. (It's true girls!).All I had was a regular pink blush and I thought I looked funny with it on (Maybe I was applying it wrong or that the shade wasn't right for me...). 2013 saw me finally giving them a try specially when the market was hit by the Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blushes (reviewed here). These are super cute to look at, affordable, very soft and decently pigmented. And you get great quantity too. I couldn't pick one colour so ended up buying all 3. And yes they all are gorgeous shades! I am using them almost everywhere now :)

2) Matte Lipsticks : I give Smriti all the credit for making me a lipstick person. Previously I used to just stick to gloss and now I find that I am loving lipsticks more and more. She was also the one who got these new Lakme 9 to 5 lipticks (check out most of the shades swatched HERE) for me (sisters are amazing that way!). Before these matte lipsticks were a bit difficult to wear. They all tend to be a quite drying...but (there is always a but) these Lakme ones are amazingly good. They feel so light on the lips, they are smooth, and they do not dry the lips out (not that much). We got Toffee Nexus (reviewed here) and Coffee Command (reviewed here). Both are wonderful soft shades that go with just about anything. I am loving them! (planning to get more shades soon). 

So these were my best finds this year. What about yours? I tag you all to do this post. Each and every one. It is very interesting and super fun to find your amazing finds in 2013! 

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