DIY : Colour Blocked Coaster

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Who doesn't like colour blocking? You know it looks pretty fantanstic, wherever you use it. So why not use the trend to add some zing to your space? And I am not talking about a big time consuming project, just take out 10 minutes and make yourself a pretty thing, with stuff lying around the house :)

Lets get started with the materials:

  • A stiff cardboard sheet 
  • Acrylic/Fabric paints. 
  • A clear sealant/varnish
  • A brush
  • Tape

Now that you have all your materials gathered, lets begin:

Cut a neat round with the carboard sheet. Or you can go another shape- squares, squovals...whichever you prefer. 
Next paint the whole piece in a solid base colour you want. (I chose white since it goes with any colour). Let the base dry completely. 

Choose 2 complementing colours for the blocking.Put tape marking off the section and in the direction you want your first colour to go. Paint the first colour and peel off the tape to get a clean edge. Let dry. Section the area for the next colour with tape again. Fill it in and peel the tape off. 
Depending on your paint's drying time, come back and give the coaster another coat so the colours are crisp and thick.
Let the whole thing dry overnight nicely and seal in the paint with a clear coat of varnish/sealer the next day. And you are done! 

You can use more than 2 colours and make as many sections you want. Or add some glitter for that touch of sparkle. 
I did use cardboard for making this since I wanted a really thin one, but if you want something really durable and permanent go for plain wooden coasters or cork. They both look great and I am planning to use them next time. This one is now now being used to keep a candle on my nightstand and I am quite happy with how this turned out :)

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