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This is Part 2 of the tag I got from Supria of Sushy Loves Blush. (You can read Part 1 HERE which talks about best makeup produts I tried   in 2013). Time to share skincare now!  Finding out your most amazing finds of this year is such an interesting thing to do. You reflect on all the products used and it is quite confusing picking out just two products when you have good experiences with quite a few more. But if I had to pick put just two from my stash they have got to be :

1) Sunscreen: Yes you heard me right. I finally got my senses and became a suncreen lover this year! (do I hear gasps?) :D Previously I hated applying anything on my face... moisturisers, sunscreen. Anything. And yes my skin suffered a lot. Although I won't take all the blame. Most of the sunscreens were way too greasy, gave a white cast and just felt like a thick layer on the face .. chip chip. So, when I tried Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock you cannot imagine how happy I was. This is so perfect for my oily acne prone skin (Smriti has normal to dry skin and she likes it too). It gives a matte look, non greasy, not thick at all and the tint gives a slightly brighter look. I love it so so much! My next pick is the Fabindia Vit E Suncreen which works nicely during the winters. I have become a suncreen girl. Finally! :P

2) Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Emulsion. I must say Lotus Hebarls has some really great stuff! Now this emulsion was bought for mom, and she used it for a week and what a difference it made! I never thought it would work so well. Her skin became smooth, more radiant, the pores reduced..such a nice glow-y effect. Of course I had to use it too!! This is a great light weight thin lotion. It gets absorbed quickly, is non greasy and works well with both oily and normal skin. Dry skinned women might need something after this sometimes, but it works fairly good on them too. As far as fairness is concerened, no, I did not see any of that (hate creams with fairness claims) but this does even out the complexion to some extent and definitely brightens. Great product!

So these were what I liked best this year. What were your great finds in 2013? Do share below! And yes, you all are tagged too! 

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