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So, for a past few months now, I have ditched creams and have become a fan of oils. Yes, you read right! You may wonder but HOW?! Oils on an already oily skin?
Let me assure you that I haven't lost it... yet :P ;) Most of the oils I have been using are dry oils and I have been letting them work their magic.

Kama Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Thailam review, Kama Ayurveda India

Now, Kama Ayurveda sent some goodies and the timing couldn't have been better! My skin was turning quite dry from the chilly weather and I was on the look out for something more moisturising than the dry oils. Enter Nalpamaradi Tailam! I have been using this for a month now and it is time I tell you about it. Read on :)

"Prescribed in Ayurveda as a natural skin illuminator and de-tanning oil for face and body, Nalpamaradi Thailam consists of numerous effective ingredients such as Sesame Oil, Vetiver, Turmeric, Gooseberry and Indian Madder. Highly recommended as a comprehensive skincare routine. The unique combination of these main active ingredients clear almost any blemish leaving the skin healthy and glowing. The Sesame Oil in Nalpamaradi Thailam moisturizes the skin, acts as a natural sunscreen and also prevents ageing while Turmeric & Gooseberry reduces blemishes and cures acne with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Vetiver with its regenerative power rebuilds skin surface, supports and strengthens the connective tissues in skin reducing skin sagging that happens with ageing. Indian Madder keeps the skin lustrous."

Kama Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Thailam review, Kama Ayurveda India

The oil comes in a plain light weight plastic bottle with a screw cap. The bottle has a stopper to prevent spillage. Although I do not think it is very travel safe. 

It is a dark yellow/mustard colored oil with a strong herbal fragrance (sensitive noses beware). It took me a while to get used to it too. It isn't too thick and gets absorbed easily without feeling too heavy. I would recommend using it at night though. 

Kama Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Thailam review, Kama Ayurveda India

I have been using it on the body and on the face too... a couple of drops is sufficient for the face. I massage it in for about 1-2 minutes and it gets absorbed well. Although it says to wash it off after 30 minutes I leave it on for 2-3 hours (kind of forget about it actually :D)

Kama Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Thailam review, Kama Ayurveda India

Kama Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Thailam review, Kama Ayurveda India

Coming to the effectiveness, I must say I am impressed. It has helped lighten dark areas and blemish marks on my face making the skin more even toned. It has also helped lighten my knees and elbows. The blemish marks haven't gone completely yet... but I am sure that with time they will reduce quite a bit :) Also, it gives slight glow since the skin becomes more even toned. The oil has anti ageing effects, which is an added bonus (though I cannot comment on it for now). 

Price : 475 INR for 100ml (available here)

If you read C&D regularly, you would know that Kama Ayurveda Mridul Cleanser is HG material for me and this one did not disappoint me either. It might be a cheaper alternative to Kumkumadi Oil but I have not used the latter one yet.

You get an oil that can be used on the face and body at a good price. It is effective, reduces tan and has helped lighten dark areas for me. This one is definitely worth a try!
Very impressed with this one and planning to try out Kumkumadi Thailam now!

P.S. This oil contains turmeric, so if you are allergic to it, please test it out before using it. 

Disclaimer: Press sample. However, the opinions expressed here are our own and honest. 

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