Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm : Review

It's the season of lip balms, isn't it? This dry winter air just sucks the life right out of your pucker! Being a dry skinned girl myself, I bring out every kind of arsenal to combat flakiness and dryness in the cold months. Lips are one part that I cannot allow to be chapped and dull, and Nivea has been a constant help in preventing my nightmare from coming true.

We, at C & D, are ardent fans of Nivea lip balms! It's true! See we've got the following covered, and still have a couple more to review :D

nivea soft rose lip balm review swatch

This one isn't a Fruity Shine variant. It's a standard lip balm with the name Soft Rose (ooooh, very alluring..!) I remember taking one look at this and imagining my lips as soft and delicate as a pink rose, hehehehe ;) How fantastic would that be?!

Okaaaay, now the packaging. Sturdy, standard twist up tube in plastic. The cap matches the colour of the balm stick. Mechanism is smooth and easy to rotate. I actually prefer the Nivea packaging to the Maybelline Baby Lips one because twisting up is far more convenient, even though the tube is bulkier.

nivea soft rose lip balm review swatch

The lip balm is of a milky pink hue. It has a rosey-vanilla fragrance which I liked very much. The texture is waxier than the Fruity Shine balms, but it does not drag on the lips. A waxier texture also means that it doesn't melt easily, and it's hard to go overboard with application.
It also features Jojoba oil and SPF 10 as added benefits.

nivea soft rose lip balm review swatch

Soft Rose isn't the most tinted lip balm out there. Fruity Shine hands down gives you intenser pigmentation. In spite of this, I rather liked Soft Rose because it was like is it it not there..? All you get is an extremely subtle tint, and if your lips lean towards being pink naturally, it looks pretty! The colour just blends into your natural shade! On more pigmented lips, I assume the colour would show up more, because Soft Rose is an opaque balm. I haven't got Swati to try it out, but if any one of you dear readers have done so, please share your experience in the comments for everybody's benefit!

nivea soft rose lip balm review swatch

So, all in all, not a bad lip balm at all :) I was pleased with it, and finished the entire tube in about 7 months :P If you're looking for a less glossy, subtly tinted lip balm, do give this a try.
And yes, there is a Pearly Shine variant (I think that's the name, I'm not sure). Please please please, for the love of beauty, stay away from it if you like to apply thick layers of lip balm. It's a disaster..
Unless you want to apply it on top of your lipstick for added frost, I think it's best to buy the other variants.

Price : 135INR for 4.8g

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Recommend your fave lip balms below, we'd love to try them out! :)


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