An absolute favorite! Nivea Oil in Lotion Argan Nourish : Review

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Being a dry skinned girl, I've used my fair share of body lotions, and Nivea is a brand I've kept coming back to. The Oil in Lotion variants had me intrigued as it was basically offering the best of both worlds. Obviously, I had to give it a try and I'm delighted to tell you that Argan Nourish has left me besotted!

Nivea Oil in Lotion Argan Nourish review, Nivea Oil in Lotion Argan Nourish

Presented in a very sturdy pump bottle, Nivea maintains its classic blue and white combo this time too. The nozzle can be locked by rotating it to the side. The pump mechanism is smooth and dispenses the product adequately. The lotion itself is thick, very teensy bit runny, and opaque white in colour. Texture wise it reminds me of a light emulsion or body milk.

Nivea Oil in Lotion Argan Nourish review, Nivea Oil in Lotion Argan Nourish

Argan Nourish has been keeping my skin super happy with its goodness and nourishment. Post application, my skin feels soft and extremely supple. Even better is its quality of melting out of sight! There's no stickiness, no residue left behind- just a healthy sheen. Nivea precisely rates its skin feeling as being mid-way between light and rich.

The magic of Bio Argan (popularly called Liquid Gold) and Bio Jojoba oils comes together with Nivea's Hydra IQ technology in a formula that has 95% ingredients of natural origin and is free from parabens, silicons, colorants, and mineral oils. It provides me with long lasting moisturization with one application being enough to see me through the day. It also lists glycerin as one of its prime ingredients, and anyone with dry to very dry skin will be grateful for the all the care that this lotion provides.

Nivea Oil in Lotion Argan Nourish review, Nivea Oil in Lotion Argan Nourish

Another aspect which blew me away was this lotion's scent. It is ABSOLUTELY divine! As soon as you pump it out, a very fresh green perfume hits your nostrils, and this lingers close to your skin for a while. Swati reckons it is how all Argan oil products smell, but this is my first in the category so I cannot verify.

What I'd ultimately like to say is that I've found the body lotion of my dreams. Except in peak summer, during which I prefer my Organic Surge moisturiser, Argan Nourish will be adorning my nightstand the entire year. Ladies, I'm in love!

Price : 330 INR for 400ml

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