Avene Thermal Spring Water : Review

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Back in the years I tried a few face mists and toners out and never really liked any of them, they were too astringent for me and I did not like the way they made my skin feel. 

So for a long long time now, I have stuck to just using rose water (which is an excellent natural toner and also gives some hydration) and it works really well for me. I quite like the Fab India Rose Facial Water which is affordable and good in quality. I am also trying another one (shall let you know soon.... Update : it's the Kama Ayurveda Rose Water and it is fabulous! Love it!)

But I had always heard so much about the Avene Thermal Spring Water (everybody loves it so much!) & I wanted to test it out too.

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I got the smaller 50ml can just to try it out initially and I have been using it for a month now.

I really like the bottle, it is sleek and handy enough to be carried in your bag. The nozzle sprays a  good super fine mist.

Avene Thermal Spring Water review, Avene India, Avene india review,

This spray truly soothes your skin. Not to mention the refreshing feel it provides. It works on soothing rashes and irritated skin (after shaving, waxing, epilating etc) too and brings any reddness down. It does not leave any residue behind since it is literally water.

Use it :

  • As a face mist before moisturizer/serum/essence (day and night)
  • To soothe skin irritation/ rashes/sunburns/dermatological conditions
  • As a pick me up on hot humid days

Avene Thermal Spring Water review, Avene India, Avene india review,

Price : 1099 INR for 150 ml 550 INR for 50 ml (available HERE)

It is not a must have, especially if you have normal non problematic skin but it is an excellent product for sensitive, acne prone skin. It does its job well. It soothes, calms & cools down irritated, sensitive skin. It also helps calm down rashes & associated itching on the skin from any allergic reactions - I have tried it a few times and it has helped. 

If you don't have sensitive skin or irritation or inflammation and still use this, it might feel a bit underwhelming to you. Not because it isn't a good product, but because your skin simply doesn't need it. Do you get what I am trying to say? You won't see the soothing benefits because you don't have any concern that needs soothing (lucky you!). And I recommend you skip it then because this is expensive. That being said all skin types can definitely use it.

If you haven't used Avene Thermal Spring Water yet, and want to give it a go, I suggest picking up the smaller can to make up your mind.

** Update Feb 2021 - I am still using it on & off after all these years and I still love it. Currently my skin is combination, slightly sensitive and prone to inflammation, congestion & breakouts. And this works well for me. 

** Update May 2021 - It's become a constant and I use it every single day both in the morning and evening routine.

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