Monday, 24 August 2015

Avene Thermal Spring Water : Review

Back in the years I tried a few toners out and never really liked any of them, they were too astringent for me and I did not like the way they made my skin feel. 

So for a long long time now, I have stuck to just using rose water (which is an excellent natural toner and also gives some hydration) and it works really well for me. I really like the Fab India Rose Facial Water which is affordable and good in quality. I am also trying another one (shall let you know soon)

But I had always heard so much about the Avene Thermal Spring Water (everybody loves it so much!) & I wanted to test it out too.

Avene Thermal Spring Water review
I got the smaller 50ml can just to try it out initially and I have been using it for a month now.

I really like the bottle, it is sleek and handy enough to be carried in your bag. The nozzle sprays a  good super fine mist and 2 sprays (aprrox) is enough to cover your face. 

Avene Thermal Spring Water review

The fine spray soothes your skin and makes it a lot supple. Not to mention the refreshing feel it provides. It takes care of the dry stretchy feeling I get sometimes after washing my face and provides some hydration. It works on soothing rashes and irritated skin (after shaving, waxing, epilating etc) too and brings any reddness down. It does not leave any residue behind.

I still like my rose water equally which does half of the stuff too. Maybe it does work a lot better for people with super sensitive skin. I think I will use this from time to time if I want to take a short break from my rose water.

Use it :

  • As a hydrating mist before moisturizer/serum (day and night)
  • To soothe skin irritation/ rashes/sunburns/dermatological conditions
  • Before makeup/After - To set makeup (get that dewy look) and to mist makeup sponges while blending products. 
  • As a pick me up on hot humid days

Avene Thermal Spring Water review

Price : 1099 INR for 150 ml 
             550 INR for 50 ml

It is not a must have, especially if you have normal skin type but it is a good product for sensitive, acne prone skin. It does its job well and is such a multi tasker. It soothes, calms, cools and hydrates the skin, plus helps with makeup too as a bonus ;) I have read that it also helps treating conditions like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis etc.
If you haven't used Avene Thermal Spring Water yet, and want to give it a go, I suggest picking up the smaller can to make up your mind.

Have you tried this before? Any other Thermal Waters you like or suggest?