Garnier Triple Nutrition Oil-In-Cream : Review

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The Garnier Triple Nutrition Oil-In-Cream has made such a buzz lately that I got really intrigued and wanted to give it a try too. Anyway, I hardly get time to oil my hair and....OIL in a CREAM?! What? Really?!!!! It sounded like the perfect fix! A hop into the nearest store and I was happily walking with this tube in my bag! So did it work out or not? Read on to know :)

Garnier Triple Nutrition Oil-In-Cream review

Normally, I stay away from Garnier products. They never suit me...ever. Except perhaps the old Ultra Doux shampoo (anyone remembers those?).
So I was quite skeptical about using this one too. But it turned out quite okay, surprisingly.

The product comes in a bright yellow squeezy tube with a flip top cap. It has been leakproof so far and is travel friendly. I really like the packaging...full marks!

Garnier Triple Nutrition Oil-In-Cream review

The texture of the cream is not too runny not too thick. It totally feels like a regular conditioner, spreads evenly and feels quite light. The fragrance is not long lasting but it is a good one nevertheless.
I have only used it on damp hair and dry hair (I don't think I will ever use it overnight..though if you have, then please let us know your experience in the comments below). I generally take a coin sized amount and spread it on the lengths of my hair (have not tried the scalp yet since it is loaded with chemicals).
It makes the hair quite smooth and manageable and reduces frizz. It does not feel heavy or greasy. It is also helpful in taming those annoying fly-aways and dry ends. 
However, I can achieve most of these results by using any other hair conditioner as well, so this product wasn't revolutionary for me.

Price : 60 INR for 100g (I think it is available in 2-3 different sizes)

I wouldn't say that this product can replace hair oil. There is nothing like a good old hair oil champi for your hair. But this would be a good product for super busy people and will be handy even when travelling to keep your hair more manageable. At that price, you can surely give it a try if you are curious :)

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