Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Forest Essentials Narangi & Nagkesar Facial Ubtan : Review

We all know the old grandma's tip about how Ubtan makes skin all glowy and beautiful. Unfortunately in today's busy world, people don't have the time or patience to make an ubtan and wait for it to dry off etc. We all want a quicker solution, yet with something that is still pure and untampered with. This is where brands like Forest Essentials come in. 
I have been using their Narangi and Nagkesar Ubtan for quite a while now and has impressed me a lot. 

Forest Essentials Narangi & Nagkesar Facial Ubtan review

Product Benefits: Forest Essentials Narangi and Nagkesar is a powerful exfoliating treatment that stimulates the underlying tissues of the skin. By its revitalizing, refreshing & refining actions, this ‘Ubtan’ helps in the natural glow of the complexion. It protects the skin from Acne and Blemishes. Its regular usage prevents the occurrence of premature fine lines and firms and tones the skin.

Ingredients: Narangi Peel 28%, Marigold Leaves 14%, Mulethi 10%, Powder 8%, Nagkesar 7.5%, Bala 6%, Brihati 6%, Khas 6%, Vidari Kand 5%, Ashwagandha 3%, Durva 2%, Neem Sweet Orange 2%, Brahmi 1%, Anantmool 1%, Camphor 0.5%

It comes in a pretty plastic tub with a gold screw cap. I like the color of the tub a lot. The jar is sturdy and travel friendly, though I like to empty some product in a smaller jar if I wasn to take it somewhere.

The ubtan smells amazing, so fresh and citrusy. Just like orange zest! The product is a fine powder (similar to gramflour/besan texture). You can mix it with rosewater or yoghurt to make a paste. It applies easily and the texture also acts as a mild exfoliant.

With continued use, it does help remove the tan and brighten skintone. If mixed with yoghurt, it gives you that extra bit of hydration. I mostly like mixing it with rose water though for my combination skin. The ubtan leaves my skin very clean, smooth and gives a nice glow too, though the glow is temporary. It has also worked well on minor breakouts so far and it never leaves my skin feeling dry or stretchy. I love using this one as a face mask and as a face cleanser too some days.

Price : 695 INR for 60g

This ubtan will suit oily-combination skins a lot more (FE has other variants that will work on dry skin better). It a good one to try, if you are looking out for a readymade pack since it is 100% natural and does the job well. However, it is expensive and if you have the time, a homemade ubtan will work just as well.

Which is your favourite face pack from Forest Essentials? Any suggestions?