Bee Choo Origin Hair Spa Experience: Hairbitat, Vittal Mallya Road

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With July being a month of back to back exams for me, my hairfall issue had reached a dreadful level! And do not even get me started on dandruff issues. I was scared to wash my hair, comb my general do anything with it. Every action left large balls of hair in my palm. Now neither did I have time to fix the solution (every minute of studying counts during exam right), nor am I too enthusiastic when to comes to regular haircare by myself.

Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment, Hairbitat review

Last week, I was invited by Hairbitat to try out their Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment. I had read some good reviews about this treatment already, hence, Ashish (from Curios and Dreams Men) and I could not have been more exicted to try this out! The opportunity to try out their treatment could not have been timed better. Together, we both have so many hair issues, that we can write a whole book on it.

Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment, Hairbitat review

I will start by saying that this is nothing like your regular hair spas! Which is why I would totally recommend you to go ahead and give this a try. But, I will elaborate more so that you have a better understanding :)

About Bee Choo Origin:

"Bee Choo Origin group promotes 100% chemical/preservative/additives free herbal paste that can promote hair growth was conceptualized after Bee Choo, the founder of the Bee Choo Origin Group, met a Hong Kong physician who told her about Chinese herbs that can aid in solving hair loss problems.  With the Hong Kong physician’s encouragement and guidance, Bee Choo started to experiment on various herbal concoctions until she came up with what is known today as the Bee Choo Origin Herbal Paste. Their aim is to solve customer’s hair problems through Chinese traditional herbs and professional service with love".

Hairbitat is the only spa in India that offers the Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment and they have outlets in Bangalore (Vittal Mallya Rd, HSR Layout,  JP Nagar), Coimbatore and Chennai

Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment, Hairbitat review

We visited their outlet on Vittal Mallya Road, which is about a year old now. Warmly greeted by the staff, we were made to sit as the professionals analyzed our scalp and hair. There are several steps involved in the Bee Choo Treatment :

1 - Ginger tonic is applied to the scalp. It stimulates and opens up the pores in preparation for better absorption of herbal ingredients.

2 - A herbal paste is applied onto the scalp next and olive oil is applied to the hair lengths for some extra hydration. My hair was then be wrapped with a plastic sheet and secured with a headband in preparation for steaming. 
(The herbal paste contains 21 chinese herbs...I think one of the main ingredient is henna, the paste smelt strongly of it).

3 - A 45 min long steam along with a serving of chrysanthemum tea! After the steam, the hair was left for a few mintues to cool down before opening up the wrap. 

Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment, Hairbitat review

Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment, Hairbitat review

4 - Washing. Recommended to be done with cold water (which was not a problem for me since I always use cold water to wash my hair). The therapist washed my hair twice, quite throughly, and also gave a super relaxing mini massage in between. A conditioner was applied through the lengths and a final rinse was done. 

Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment, Hairbitat review
These were so so so comfy!

Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment, Hairbitat review

5 - Origin Crystal Concentrate was applied on my hair after which it was partially blow dried. A different serum/tonic will be applied depending on your hair type and issue. 

Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment, Hairbitat review

What were the immediate effects we noticed?

  • A squeaky clean refreshed scalp
  • The shine on the hair was unbelievable!
  • Our hair felt incredibly soft (we could not stop running our finger through it!)
The softness and shine lasted for about 2 days. My hairfall has come down a bit. Obviously a few more sittings will be required to see more noticeable effects (I was told that I would need atleast 4-5 sittings). 

Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment, Hairbitat review

The Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment:
  1. Reduces hairfall
  2. Tackles dandruff issues
  3. Promotes new hair growth
  4. Controls oily scalp
  5. Reduces hair greying
  6. Makes hair softer and shinier. 
Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment, Hairbitat review

Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment, Hairbitat review

Overall, they recommend getting atleast 8-10 sessions done to see hair re-growth (it could be faster for some). 
The cost of the treatment is approximately 1400 + tax (price varies depending on the hair length). 

We cannot wait to go in for the 2nd appointment! We absolutely loved the treament and would highly recommend it to all. You need to try it out to believe what I am talking about. (if you follow us on Instagram, you would know...I shared the entire process and the effects on IG stories). I hope they open more branches across India soon. 


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